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Saturday, May 25, 2013
Good morning!   Off to the hospital again!  Have a great Saturday kid!


Mom had a rough day.  She is a stoic, so if she is complaining we know it’s really bad.  She kept saying she felt miserable and to leave her alone to sleep.  I couldn’t get her to eat any lunch.  She refused the PT person who was there to help her walk.  Her heart is not working… lot of fibrillation, so lungs filling with fluid, swollen legs and her brain is iffy.  She starts sentences then about 6 words in… stops.  And never starts again.  I talked with the doctor who said he knows, they are trying different medicines… ugh.  It is very hard to watch this.  My nerves are shot.  Sis said she was mostly comatose tonight, only ate about 6 bites of sherbet at supper time.  They put her back on oxygen.  
Hubby took me out for a late lunch about 2:30 pm, then I came home to nap.  It’s odd how draining all this is!  
Please keep praying kid.

2 thoughts on “Keep praying

  1. Anonymous says:

    Praying for you & your mom.

    • Thank you very much anon! For praying and for letting me know. We need them. I can feel their power. This is one of those times where I could not do much except sit in her room, so I turned to praying A LOT.

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