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Tuesday, May 14, 2013
SeaMan went right back to his office and texted me!  Yay!  Phew… always such a relief when a man keeps talking after a meet!  He got very steamy very fast.  
TEXTS via Google Voice
2:33 pm to me
Hey…thx for hanging out…
2:35 pm to him
Wish I still was, instead of sitting at my dek
3:01 to me
Hmmm… it i were under yur desk now… beard tickling yur thighs…..
3:15 pm to him 
Remind me of your email and I’ll send you a photo 
3:39 pm to me
[redacted] at yahoo
3:42 pm to him 
You want to see my black bra or the white? 
3:43 pm to me
[I emailed him my famous cleavage photo]
3:51 pm to me
Got it! HOT!….cant wait to dive in face first…
5:11 pm to me
Probly shld not distract on ride home…but my cock is still semi-hard from yur touch
5:12 pm to him 
Hope it helps your fantasies
5:15 pm to me
Lol….u enter the room…lights low….soft music playing….i offer u a drink…we kiss…embrace…
5:17 pm to me
I kiss yur neck…..trail of kisses to yur cleavage…
5:20 pm to me
I slowly remove yur top….and bra…releasing yur luvly breasts into my hands…..
5:22 pm to me
I remove my shirt…chest to chest….nipples hard….we kiss deep and wet… grabbing my ass…pulliNg my growing cock into you…
5:22 pm to me
I lay you down….undress you….i get naked
5:24 pm to me
You grab my cock and direct to yur mouth as i massage your pussy…
5:25 pm to me
Your lips cover my cock head as i slip one…two…three fingers into your pussy…
5:26 pm to me
I slowly finger fuck you….as you lick my balls….and shaft…
5:27 pm to me
Yur first orgasm is growing….moaning….i curl my fingers to hit yur spot…explosion…
5:29 pm to me
Now that yur pussy is Wet…you beg for my cock…fuck me….
5:30 pm to me
Fav position?
5:32 to him 
Like so many!  Doggie?  Side spooned? Deck chair? 
5:33 pm to me
5:34 pm 
5:35 pm to me
5:26 pm to him
5:37 pm to me
Cowgirl….side entry r fun
5:38 pm to me
Sounds hot
5:46 pm to me
Lol….want u to faint
5:50 pm to him 
I want you to cum
5:53 pm to me
Already doing that….
5:59 pm gotta run, out for dinner with Hubby
7:45 pm 
[I emailed him my erotica “The View“]
8:03 pm to me was dinner
8:04 pm to him
Yummy… sushi
8:05 pm to me
luv sushi….keep yur strength up
8:12 pm to me
Do you have a nip pic..preview what i will be sucking on…
8:13 pm to him 
Want to see that or read my erotica? 
8:52 pm to me
Do i have to choose?
8:53 pm to him
No.  Sending both!  Greedy man.
9:32 pm to me
Super hot! perfect…so succulent…..luv them
9:33 pm to me
Glad i was greedy….hold me over til i taste the real ones…
9:35 pm to him 
Do you have any hot pics to send me? 
9:40 pm to me
No pics to match those 🙁
9:40 pm to him
Take some! 
9:40 pm to me
I cld try ltr
9:44 pm to him
No big deal.  But nice to see what I’d be sucking on.  🙂  You are fun!
9:53 pm to me
thx …you too.  I headed to bed. 
9:54 pm 
Sleep well!  
10:12 to me
Sweet dreams…
11:16 pm 
[He emailed back in response to “The View]
Luv it….so erotic….yum
He started right up again the next morning!  Adore that! 
9:22 am to me
Good morning sunshine….Hope its a good one for you
9:25 am to him
Good morning to you!  Still smiling about yesterday. 
9:28 am to me
12:56 am to me
Hey sexy….hows yur day going…
1:21 pm to him 
Having vivid fantasies… makes for a great day!  You?
1:23 pm to me
Aw yes…yur fabulous breasts sliding up and down my body….
1:30 pm to him
Oh!  My chest goes on a tour of the sea man’s body! mmm.
1:31 pm to him
I expanded on yesterday – Me in a long coat, on your lap naked, arms
around your neck, riding… not usually an exhibitionist but yum!
1:35 pm to me 
Luv it…filling yur wet pussy with my thick hard cock…..suckin on yur nipples…yum..

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