Beer in the bath

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Good morning! Another Wednesday at work.  Make the alligators into boots and purses, kid!
7:56am Phil
Yes ma’am! Have a good one. Nothing better than a good workout to start the day
[photo of his smiling face leaving the gym]
Hiya good lookin!  I can think of one thing better…
Waking up with your sexy parts in my mouth!
12:19 pm
Yummy photos of what people eat for breakfast in various countries! I’d take the Chinese, English or German. Don’t think I’d ever be awake enough for the Turkish extravaganza!

Mom got thru heart catheterization fine.  Surgery next Wed.  
I’m on the bus to her house to feed her dinner.  Whee!
8:47pm Phil
[photo of him drinking a beer in the shower]
Are you drinking beer in the bath?  MMMmmm… shoulders.
9:27pm Phil

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