SeaMan Reappears

Thursday, May 30, 2013
So I tell a guy I’m going to be off work for a week.  And invite him to meet me any afternoon.  And I send him a sexy photo.  And I get… nothing for a week?  What the?  And no explanation or apology when he reappears?  I was so busy worrying about my mother that it was probably for the best but… grrrrr. 
3:28 pm from SeaMan to me
Hey….hows yur week off so far
3:30 pm from me to SeaMan
It’s been rough. 
3:33 pm from SeaMan to me
4:00 pm from me to SeaMan
Yes. She’s still in ICU.  Rough.  What’s up with you? 
4:32 pm from SeaMan to me
K….volunteer day been landscaping at a childrens hospital….
4:34 pm from SeaMan to me
Very hot….and sweaty…just the way u like me 😉
4:36 pm from SeaMan to me
..lots of soap….rinse…then tongue bath Me….
4:37 pm from SeaMan to me
….get yur luvly big tits all soapy.
4:38 pm from me to SeaMan
Want me to wash your back? 
4:39 pm from SeaMan to me
You know it…tit fuck you….slide my cock into yur mouth with each stroke…
4:41 pm from SeaMan to me
Btw.. u have not cum for me yet….r u alone…phone sex?
4:47 pm from me to SeaMan
4:48 pm from SeaMan to me
Will be in car in 10
4:48 pm from SeaMan to me
Will txt u then
4:57 pm from SeaMan to me
So we tried phone sex for the first time.  I reclined on my bed, closed my eyes and listened.  For twenty minutes.  Then he said, “I’m home. Gotta go.”  And was gone.  
I had a bad reaction.  I usually like a conversation… he talked non-stop.  I like sweet and hot… he was talking about control.  Total dom.  Not my style. 
If he’s the same in bed?  I need to bail.  Right now.  Ugh.  Why did I not see any sign of it the first day?  Definitely see signs of it in today’s texts.  No questions, just commands.  Better to find out this way,  before I’m in a hotel with him, I suppose.  Ugh.  I really needed a hug right now.  *Sigh

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