SeaMan support

Wednesday May 22, 2013
9:44 am From SeaMan to me
Good morning sunshine….hope all goes well for Mom today
10:00 am From me to SeaMan
Good morning!  Thank you!  Going to be a tough day. 
10:17 am From SeaMan to me
feel free to share yur thoughts during the day
10:18 am From me to SeaMan
Thanks.  Trying to work and not think about it too much. 
5:18 pm From SeaMan to me
How did it go 2day
5:19 pm From me to SeaMan
No word yet.  Going nuts.  Going to nap until they call. 
5:19 pm From SeaMan to me
Getting the best care in the country…
5:20 p From me to SeaMan
I know.  Sorry to be mired in this.  Not what you signed up for! 
5:22 pm From SeaMan to me
No worries…part of life…hang in there…
5:42 pm From me to SeaMan
I appreciate you listening.  You’re a nice man. 
5:43 pm From SeaMan to me
Lol….ive been called worse.
10:00 pm 
Mom’s in ICU, doing well.  So relieved.

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