Thursday, May 23, 2013
Good morning kid!  God is good!
9:53am Phil
Yep, sure is. Have a great day!
Eye exam. I despise the dilation drops!
12:10pm Phil
Me too! Sucks but gotta be done!
Odd thing is, when I made the appt, I asked how long the appt would be and if they’d dilate.  They said 20 min and no.  So I let them book me midday.  If they’d told me the truth – 45 min and yes – I would’ve asked for day-end.  Grrr… So I’m at my desk but unable to do much for about 2 hrs.  Bleh.
Mom is sitting up!  She looks so much better.  Phew.  You doing okay?
6:27pm Phil
That’s awesome news!  
Yeah, I’m good.  Heading to the gym!

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