Good instincts

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Good morning kid! Off to run the last day of the big conference!   Remember how hot you made it 3 yrs ago?!  Have a productive Thursday!
Oh… the nice guy I saw twice last week?  Told me yesterday he’s a submissive… asked me to “Clamp me, milk me, spank me, gag me, restrain me, control my orgasms, make me your bitch.”  Yeah?  No.  I said that’s not my kink and wished him best of luck finding the domme of his dreams.  *sigh 
Onward and upward!
12:33pm Phil
Yuck! WTF!  To each their own I guess but Yuck!
Strange thing is… I knew he had a secret, just not what.  He was going slow, checking me out before telling me… I’ve seen it before.  People said I was being cynical but after almost a year of dating online, my instincts are great.  Good thing I asked!
2:51pm Phil
No lie, my people instincts are fairly good I think.  I’ve had a few major misses though and in every case it was right there, I saw it but just didn’t want to see it. Good skill to have.

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