Vacation waves

Saturday, May 31
5/31, 8:06am Phil
Post workout soak

[photo of his naked chest and shoulders in the hot tub outdoors]
5/31, 8:17am
Oh my… what a treat!  I’d slide in there with you!
5/31, 8:18am Phil
Make some waves

5/31, 1:35pm
Took Mom to The Chateau in Burlington.  Not good.  Weird service, blah food.  Not doing that again!  The chicken parm looks good but it was dry and the spaghetti wasn’t cooked!  I don’t like crunchy pasta.  Bleh.

5/31, 4:07pm Phil
    [photo of his naked chest and shoulders in sunglasses]         

5/31, 4:22pm
Whew!  Looks hot there, or maybe it’s you?
5/31, 4:35pm Phil
It sure isn’t me

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