Prescription Coffee Mug

Saturday, May 31, 2014
On Wednesday, May 28, 2014 3:45 PM, Sassy wrote:
Subject: The coffee cup for you

Big Mouth Toys 

The Prescription Coffee Mug

From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: May 31, 2014 10:56 AM
Re: The coffee cup for you
You’re funny!  I was expecting some kind of sex joke.  Gave me a chuckle and put a smile on my face (though I have no idea why you think it might apply to me!) (Just because I drink coffee ALL THE TIME!!!!!) 


From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: May 31, 2014 11:20 AM
Re: The coffee cup for you
Glad you got a giggle out of it!  It’s fun to make you laugh.  
Should I be miffed that you expect everything from me to be a sex joke?  Geesh!  Just because some high percentage of what I send might be construed as sexy and I am the very definition of sexy?  I suppose if I have to be associated with some human activity, it is pretty good for it to be SEX!  
Here are your suggestions for today: 
1) Remember fucking at 4 am… 
2) Take deep breaths.  
3) Be intentional about where you put your phone, your wallet and your credit cards!  
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2014 11:33 AM
Hi Sass!
Hope the project event was fun last night.  Here’s what I texted you yesterday–that you say you didn’t get.  It seems you don’t get texts I try to send when they reach close to a maximum number of characters allowed on my phone (which I should probably send in emails anyhow).  
Anyhow…here what I wrote.  No big earth shaking thoughts….just some “random” ones I had yesterday.  I’ll start a few texts before it–to put in in context:
Kris:  careful some man doesn’t sneak into your dreams….and u wake to find he snuck out of your head…right into your bed!…. 😉
S:  That’s what happened last night!  And it was marvelous!  How’s work going?
(Then here’s the long text I wrote that you say you didn’t get):
B:  Hoped you’d get it…u did!…Sassy AND smart!  Didn’t work…will try to do early tomorrow (now today!).  Worked out at gym…rode bike (even in rain, music blasting, makes me feel alive!).  Thought of you all day–remembering special moments–things u worry about and hide make me closer when u trust me and disclose them (didn’t text this, but meant like medical stuff, etc.)  Thrusting my cock in u and coming at 4:00 am didn’t seem to be hindered by you being totally asleep and waking slowly. that fuck was fantastic!  Liked the side position for comfort and deep thrusting.  Want to do again…with harder cock…for longer time.  Maybe I’ll get you off that way (SOMEDAY!).  Thought about you getting me off twice.  Thought about how to get you there too.  Thought about some sad parts of your life…but glad you tell me.  Your nose in phone is worse than a “texting teen”…but you DID manage some self-control considering our “marathon of a meet”
(Next text):
B:  Teasing!  I really like you…I hope you know that…Mwah!
That was it!  As I say, nothing too “earth-shattering”…but hopefully a little fun for you to read.  Hope the project was fun last night….know you have something to do today and tomorrow.  Hope there’s some fun in those for you today and tomorrow too.
Slept in late this morning…which now puts pressure on me to do work I put off.  Have to leave here by 2:00 pm to go to a family party.  I’m close to all my extended family–and their kids.  So it’s kind of “obligatory.”  It will be “ok.”  Lots of family there from all over.
I probably won’t have work all done before I go—-so probably be forced to do it into late night again tonight.  Ugh!  Oh well, life goes on.  
And you’re one of my favorite “diversions” —-hope I’m one of yours.
Mwah! Again, and again, and again!

Kris: I did sleep well!…and too long. Now under pressure to do work till 2:00 when leaving for party that starts at 3:00. Won’t get finished and will be doing tonight late again after returning home. Ugh! Oh well…some parts of email might be memories serve as little “twinge triggers”…and with your rich imagination…morph it into anything you like…which reminds me of a joke I heard on radio… 11:42 AM

Kris: before i tell joke…i meant to text that I sent u an email…to make sense of above statement “some parts of email”…now joke 11:45 AM

Kris: “Did you know that life is not really about having fantastic experiences…but having mediocre ones that you write about on Facebook as IF they were fantastic?” 11:50 AM

Me: Absolutely! 11:54 AM

Kris: Absolutely what…that you think the joke is TRUE? 11:55 AM

Me: Totally! 11:57 AM

Me: Did you re-send that long text? 11:58 AM

Kris: So instead of “Another fun meet of mediocre sex with Kris”…you write something “less painful” in your journal? TEASING…(sort of) 😉 12:00 PM

Kris: Yes…resent it in email 12:00 PM

Kris: Oops! sent to mispelled email of yours…returned to me “undeliverable”…just forwarded to correct address…should be there… 12:06 PM


From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: May 31, 2014 12:16 PM
Re: The coffee cup for you
Hey Sass!
If you WERE miffed how would I know it–since you’re always so “well-behaved”?  But I hear a little “annoyance”–which even that makes me laugh a little–since you’re so “well-behaved” all the time.  You ARE sexy—but much more that that to me.  You’re witty, smart, really fun to be with, have lots of common sense, care deeply about people, take care of people, are creative, hard-working, responsible…I could go on and on.  Sorry if I go “overboard” and make you feel like that’s “all” I think of you—FAR from it–trust me.
Sometimes I’m not sure when you’re teasing me.  Like “take deep breaths”—-seems so “random”.  Like you telling me you wanted a pic of my feet.  Just to keep me “off balance”—it’s fun!

Kris: Did u get email with resent, long text ok? 12:43 PM

Me: Got it! Liked it. Sitting outside Mom’s, waiting for her to come out. Off to lunch! Have fun at the party! Relax!12:45 PM

Kris: Thanks! You too! 12:47 PM

Kris: wife just showed me a cartoon a high school friend just sent her…Woman is sitting at bar with guy. She looks early forties, blonde, attractive… 2:28 PM

Kris: guy next to her is about six inches shorter, pot belly, bald with just a little hair on sides… 2:30 PM

Kris: balloon over woman says: “Umm…I thought your profile said you had long, wavy dark hair.” 2:33 PM

Kris: guy’s smiling happily and replies: 2:34 PM

Kris: “I do! It’s on my back.”… 🙂 2:35 PM

Me: Hee hee! 4:05 PM

Kris: still at party…waiting for main catered food to come out…”socialized” enough to afford sneaking away to a room to do some work…then eat…then leave… to add to my list (coffee cup reply–ehi 5:46 PM

Kris: …to add to my list (coffee cup reply…which btw feel free to buy me for my b-day on June 21st)…more ressons I like you… 5:48 PM

Kris: pretty eyes 5:49 PM

Kris: stick your tongue out at me 5:49 PM

Kris: soft, pretty hands (skillfully used in “sensitive places”… 😉 5:50 PM

Kris: great kissah 5:51 PM

Kris: make me laugh…not “silly laugh…happy…joyful…sometimes amused but more “surprised”… in very fun/enjoying way… 5:54 PM

Kris: very soft skin…ALL over…and so nice to touch…ALL over… 5:55 PM

Kris: AND… 5:55 PM

Kris: SEXY… (and yes that’s also a wonderful thing to be too)… 5:57 PM

Kris: AND… 5:57 PM

Kris: other things I’ll tell you later…gotta stop and do some work… later…hope your day’s going well…Kris. 5:59 PM


Me: Heading to bed. Thinking of you. And your twelve texts. 🙂 11:56 PM

Kris: Hope you’re not overwhelmed by Gabby Kris. 12:09 AM

Me: Not so far! 12:10 AM

Kris: You’re so sweet…and patient. Nite…sleep tight…don’t let the bed bugs bite! 12:11 AM

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