Meet #10 Part 2 – Cum for Breakfast

Friday, May 30, 2014
Meet #10 continues….

Best breakfast 
I woke up again at 5:30 am with him nibbling on my shoulder.  I glanced over – he has such a sweet smile.  I have spent my first night with an AM man!  Whee!  He nibbled his way down my chest, kissed each hip then licked me slowly and carefully while he slid a couple of fingers inside me.  Mmm… that is so good!  I squirmed and moaned for awhile.  Then I rolled over and took him in my mouth and sucked and pumped until he exploded! I swallowed all around him. Best breakfast I’ve had in a long time.  
We cuddled and talked.  He did some work on his laptop at the desk.  We each showered and packed and took off.  
There’s a Panera in the mall, so we went there for a quick, fast and cheap meal about 11 am.  I had their French onion soup and half a turkey sandwich.  He tried one of their salads with an apple.  He was surprised how healthy and delicious it was!  
He drove me back into the city and dropped me off with a huge hug.  He offered to carry my bags upstairs, but I could easily do it.  I strolled into my place at 1 pm.  I was worn out and meant to go right on to bed, but I ended up sitting at my desk, writing down everything I could recall about my incredible boat trip and the first overnight with a man from Ashley Madison.  I got on a roll and did some work, paid bills, and ran errands!  


Kris: got a flat tire on boat trailer 15 minutes from home!  left spare at home…on way to get to change tire…no big deal…just glad didn’t happen on our “adventure”…think u had enough for one outing! I had a great time!  thanks for being such a sport…especially spending the night. you say “NO!” now…but never say never…u may go for a bike ride yet! Alfalfa. Mwah! 2:32 PM

Me: Oh no! So sorry to hear this! I’ve done payroll for work, paid bills online, ran to the bank, picked up meds, going to nap! 3:28 PM

Kris: careful some man doesn’t sneak into your dreams…and u wake to find he snuck out of your head…right into your bed!… 😉 3:48 PM

Me: That’s what happened last night! And it was marvelous! How’s work going?  Here are the best photos from yesterday!  10:55 PM

Heading down the Charles River past Mount Auburn Hospital
Harvard University 
Boston skyline
The Museum of Science 
Following Duck Boats through the canal at the Museum of Science 
The Zakim Bridge 
The lock from the Charles River into Boston Harbor 
Boston’s Harbor front – Rowes Wharf, Boston Harbor Hotel, International Place
Spectacle Island with the Boston skyline in the distance 
The National Parks building on Spectacle Island
Our picnic table on Spectacle Island
A pretty tree 
The empty docks with the Boston skyline
Lunch he grilled for us! 
Dessert he made
The paddle wheeler in the harbor
Old Ironsides – the USS Constitution moored in Charlestown 
TD Bank Garden – the big sports arena in Boston 
Back through the lock after the Zakim Bridge 
Boston’s Back Bay and the Charles River 


Kris: My last really long text ended with words: “considering our ‘marathon of a meet'”…if u didn’t get it i’ll resend it…in shorter “chunks”…and wanted to follow up with… 1:19 AM

Kris: Teasing! I really like you…I hope you know that. Mwah! 1:23 AM

Me: Oops! Never saw that. Email? Mwah! 1:27 AM

Kris: You’re still up?!? LOL! I’ll send it later this morning…going to bed now…you make me laugh and smile…like right now…Sassy “sexternet junkie”…smack on mouth with tongue…Nite! 1:32 AM

Me: I took a 3-hr nap before going out. I am writing about you, silly. Sleep well dear man. 1:40 AM

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