Young shoulders

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5/28, 8:24am
Good morning kid!
Still sick ugh.
Hope you have a great Wednesday!
5/28, 8:36am Phil
Aww, sorry to hear that. Off to vacation for a few days tonight. Be nice to get away and relax a bit. My wife likes it there so she’s easy to deal with. Hope you feel better today. Laughing about last night’s extra curricular activity. Who beats off in the kitchen? The dog was giving me the “if you get any of that on me, I’ll bite your balls off” look.

5/28, 8:40am
Hope you have great weather and easy travel.  Glad she gave you a memorable send-off!

5/28, 8:42am Phil
Was very nice. Thank you. Supposed to be hot as hell
5/28, 1:49pm Phil
How you hanging sick girl?

5/28, 3:58pm
Eh… not great.  I am getting little things done around here.  I’m supposed to go boating and play with my guy tomorrow… really need to BE BETTER!  You packed and ready to go?

5/28, 5:19pm Phil
At the airport! Hope you feel good by tomorrow!
5/28, 5:20pm
Rock the sunshine! 
5/28, 5:23pm Phil
Hope it’s relaxing. I’d be happy to spend it all by the pool
5/29, 12:34am Phil
Oh to be young again

[photo of him at about age 21, naked from the waist up!]

5/29, 12:34am Phil
Hope you feel better. Thought this might bring a smile

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  1. Prof4fun says:

    In going on vacation together, is this an attempt of Phil or his wife to give their marriage one last try? It certainly, if works, would be much less costly and so much more convenient in so many boring but practical ways. It doesn't sound like Fred is willing to be a longterm mistress. The opportunity with Beach Gal has probably already evaporated. Perhaps Phil is doing more thinking with his “big” head and less thinking with his “small” head.

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