Workout swim

Friday, May 30, 2013
5/30, 8:16am Phil
Starting with a workout swim. Have a great day

[photo of him soaking wet standing by the pool smiling]
5/30, 8:17am Phil
[photo of his naked chest and shoulders by the pool smiling]

5/30, 1:50pm
Thanks for the gorgeous shoulder photos!
You are so good to me.  Having fun?
5/30, 2:55pm Phil
Yeah I guess. Nice place, great weather, hard to not have fun

5/30, 6:13pm Phil
This does not suck

[photo of the view from his hotel window… pool, lake, palm trees, big hotel]

5/30, 7:03pm

5/30, 7:04pm  Phil
This is not hard to deal with

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