Spectacle Island

Thursday, May 29, 2014

5/29, 7:09am
Oh my!  What a body! Yum.  You looked so hot!
Who took that?  Who saw it?  Very nice.
5/29, 8:00am Phil
That was in the military. Lots of people have seen it
5/29, 8:00am Phil
[photo of sunrise at the beach where he’s on vacation]
5/29, 8:51am
I’m feeling much better!  Off on a boating adventure with my guy!  Down the Charles River, out into Boston Harbor, lunch on Spectacle Island… whee!  Then off to a hotel for um… dessert!  Hope you have a great day by the pool!
5/29, 9:26am
[funny photo of my guy standing on the back of his boat holding up a sign that says “HEY SEXY!” parked across the street from my place!  Ha ha ha]
5/29, 10:00am Phil
Why not just do it on the boat?! Have fun! He sounds like a lot of fun!
 Glad you are enjoying the day!
5/29, 1:40pm
Made it to Spectacle Island!

[photo of Boston in the far distance, Boston harbor and a sign that says “Spectacle Island” with a very blue sky and wispy clouds]
5/29, 2:22pm Phil
So make a spectacle! Have fun Sass! Enjoy your day!

5/29, 3:36pm Phil
Nothing like getting laid in the sand or on a boat

5/29, 6:35pm
Back on land          
5/29, 6:48pm Phil
Time for the fun part of the day
5/29, 11:43pm Phil
Good day? Hope so! Hope it was wonderful

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