Pretty in purple

March 7, 2018 Wednesday

8:30 AM Sassy
The Queen looking pretty in purple!

The 91-year-old monarch wore royal purple on a visit to celebrate the International Maritime Organization in London and celebrate its 70th anniversary. Doesn’t she look lovely? 

3:39 PM Phil

Hope all is good with you. So busy I don’t have time to look up! 
3:40 PM Sassy
Hiya!  Crammed in a bunch of work early and came home before the storm hit.  Hope it’s not bad down there.
4:03 PM Phil
Just cold. Had a weird but busy day. 

Heard from an old friend whose Neanderthal husband is slapping her around. Gets he is angry and violent when he drinks. I told her to file a police report and get a restraining order. Of course she won’t do that cause he’s a good guy when not drinking. My comment that he’s never a good guy if he hit her even once fell on deaf ears. Really bums me out to hear. Last husband was abusive too. She’s got a smart mouth and I think she pushes it too hard but no excuse for laying a hand on her and he’s a brute. She isn’t going to leave and all you can do is hope he doesn’t hurt her too badly cause he’s gonna hurt her. I always feel helpless in this type of situation because they won’t call the cops and she isn’t leaving cause the house is hers and he basically mows grass occasionally. Ughhhhh
4:05 PM Sassy
Oh no!  So sorry to hear that… sucks.  Good that she can talk with you at least.
4:12 PM Sassy
Talked with a gal pal in VA – her power was out for 5 days, so you got lucky!
4:26 PM Phil
Yeah, no lie. 2 days was long enough

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