Another royal engaged!

January 22, 2018 Monday

7:56 AM Sassy
Good morning Phil!  Thinking of you…wondering what the shutdown means.

My Monday is gross so far – hoping for better soon.  

  • It’s pouring rain, 
  • have the stomach flu and 
  • I get to go with Hubby as he starts a 2-month intensive psychiatric day program.  


9:13 AM Phil
Oh boy! None of that sounds like any fun! 

I am off for a doctor visit, feeding the homeless this afternoon and riding my bike on a pretty day. 

The govt shutdown does not really affect me as I am an exempt employee. Just means less people to deal with!

10:44 AM Sassy
Fergie and Andrew’s daughter is engaged!  

From the Duke of York’s Facebook page

Princess Eugenie and Mr. Jack Brooksbank were photographed earlier today following the announcement of their engagement.

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