Done and done

August 30, 2018 Thursday

6:39 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Big event Day 2. Whee. Last one!

7:57 AM Phil
Good morning! Good luck!

9:05 AM Sassy
Breakfast is done. 
Don’t think I have ever been so warm in my life.  It is brutal out here!  Just have to watch over the clean up and then I can go inside and chill until lunch. 

1:13 PM Sassy
Done! Lyfting back to the office to run a farewell party! 

1:37 PM Sassy
If my retirement theory pans out, this was my last time working this event!

3:09 PM Phil
Excellent! Enjoy the evening!

5:10 PM
Thanks kid.  Home… pizza ordered.  So done… zzzz

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