Meet #3 Trainer: Over the garage

March 5, 2018 Monday
From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 6:47 AM
Subject: Ready to see Sassy
Can’t wait!!!
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From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 9:42 AM
Subject: Heading out
See you soon!  Mmm
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From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 10:45 AM
Subject: Here
Hiya!  I’m here. I made it! 
My [car description redacted] is parked facing the fence on the far right if you’re facing the store.
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From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 10:47 AM
RE: Heading out
I am here!
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Meet #3 The Trainer
Over the garage
I have been waiting for this day since February 15… or if you want me to be really clear, I’ve been waiting since March 18, 2017!  I did not believe it would ever happen. But I am a big believer in second chances, and I am off to see if that policy would benefit me yet again! 
I got up at my usual time but smiled a lot because I was not going to the office!  I prepped in every way I know how – showered and shaved and plucked and dressed in clothes that make me feel sexy – dark blue paisley leggings, a soft blue sweater, a sky blue bra and panties that almost match.  I pulled a map and directions up on my phone, grabbed a bottle of water and a granola bar and headed off into the suburbs! 

I made really good time. I was early! I pulled in to the grocery store parking lot and parked to the right as instructed.  I checked my email – no last minute cancellation. Phew. At the appointed time, I emailed to let him know I made it. 
10:45 am Meet at the store
He pulled up 2 spaces over from me, and used his phone to answer my email.  Ha! 
He got out of his car and tapped on the passenger side window of my car.  I pressed the button to lower it and he smiled. He asked if I was doing okay and told me to follow him to his place, giving me the simple directions and where to park in case we got separated.  

Going to his place
He got back in his car and pulled out and I followed him.  It was easy – not sure why he thought I couldn’t find it by myself.  I pulled into his driveway and then he showed me where to park on the street a little ways away. 
I was breaking one of my main rules – never got to the guy’s place!  After the disaster at Kris Kringle’s place (nothing like hiding in a closet while the guy’s wife screams at him!) I swore I  would never take that risk again. 

Over the garage

But it turned out to be slightly better, as I did not go into his house.  He led me up the stairs to the second floor of the garage that he uses as an office and reminded me that his wife never goes there.  It still felt risky but less so. 
He gave me a quick hug then scooted off to the bathroom so I had a chance to look around.  There was a main living room area, and two smaller rooms and a bathroom. I think it was bigger than my condo!  The place looks about how you think a man’s office would look if no one else goes there! There were papers thrown all over, an old couch with unmatched pillows and a throw tossed on it, bookcases with a lot of books shelved haphazardly, and a single bed!  The art on the walls and furnishings had that early Colonial, post-college eclectic style to them.  I looked out the window and wondered if he had any nosey neighbors who would mention the morning visitor to his wife.  *sigh 
He returned and apologized for the mess, said time had gotten away from him.  I shrugged. It really didn’t matter. I was alone with him! 


He gave me a lovely, long hug… just held me and told me how glad he was we were finally together again.  He asked if I’d like to sit on the couch awhile – a nice gesture to get us reacquainted. He said he was desperate to kiss me and asked if it was okay.  I assured him it was. I had been worried about feeling strange after a year apart, but I didn’t feel it now. I was ready to roll! 
He gathered me in his arms and kissed me, softly at first, then deeper and deeper.  He put his tongue slowly into my mouth and I used my tongue to play a bit in his. Mmm… so good!  He leaned me over and put some of his weight on me and we stretched out on the couch next to each other.  It felt so right! We kissed and kissed!  
He squeezed my breast then asked if he could take off my sweater.  I nodded and raised my arms to make it easy. I helped him take off his tie and very classy metallic purple dress shirt.  He leaned back over me… mmm… skin to skin! He moved down to suck on my right nipple and teased the left one. My back arched and my hips popped toward his.  

Getting naked

He took my hand and helped me stand up.  He unhooked my bra, and pulled it off, then rolled my leggings and panties off.  I watched as he shed his dress pants – he had on super sexy black Tommy Hilfiger underwear!  With a huge bulge! I said hello to his cock. Heh. He took off his underwear and pressed his front to my back.  I could feel his hard cock against my ass. He took my breasts in his hands and squeezed while he nibbled on my neck.  I trembled as the excitement coursed through me! 
He led me over to the single bed under a window and pushed the covers aside.  He pressed me down on my back and settled in next to me on his left side, cuddled up on my right side.  We looked at each other and grinned. 

Touching and tasting

He reached between my legs with his right hand and flicked my clit with his index finger.  That sent a jolt throughout my body!  He moved his finger back and forth slowly, pressing slightly, in just the right way.  I told him that it was perfect and I felt so good.  He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows, then kissed his way down my chest, sucking on each nipple and squeezing each one for a few moments, then continued down my tummy licking and kissing as he passed my belly button.  He spread my legs wider and got in between them, putting his mouth on my clit!  He licked and sucked and used a couple of fingers inside me to drive me crazy!  He is so talented!  My hips were popping toward his mouth and I was moaning and shrieking as he made me soar! 

Doggy pounding

He told me how much he wanted me and asked if I was ready for his cock to be inside me and I replied with enthusiasm, “Absolutely!” 

He reached to the window sill for a condom and I heard the ripping of the foil and smiled as he rolled it onto his rock hard cock.  He rolled me over onto my tummy and teased my slit with his cock, then slid inside in one quick move, being very still deep inside me, while he told me how good it felt and how it was worth the wait and how tight I am, and then he started to move… in and out… slowly are first but getting faster with each stroke.  I slammed back against him, meeting his thrusts and he moaned beautifully.  I focused on the sound of body sliding into me and his breathing, and how full he made me feel. 


He rolled me over and leaned over me, kissing my lips quickly, then pulling my heels up against his shoulders, sliding back inside.  He looked into my eyes and grinned, then began to move again.  I watched his face and felt his cock deep inside, sliding and filling and pleasuring us both!  He was moving so well, I thought he was about to finish, but he surprised me and stopped suddenly. 

Oral for him

He asked if he could take a break and get some oral action.  I nodded.  He rolled away, disposed of the condom and flattened out on the bed.  I moved over him and kissed him deeply, putting my tongue in and out of his mouth, nibbling on his lower lip at the corner, and sliding my chest on his.  I nibbled my way down his body, tasting a nipple, kissing his belly button, then his hip, and made my way to the center, lying between his legs. 

I kissed his cock and blew on it.  He trembled.  I looked it over dramatically. It is so sexy – long and wide and classically shaped.  He was rock hard in a way I rarely see.  I licked the tip, then licked down one side and up the other, getting it nice and wet.  I put my thumb and index finger into a circle and stroked him up and down, stroking his balls gently with my other hand.  I looked up and smiled and he grinned back and rolled his eyes a bit.  I got serious and sucked him down my throat, pushing his skin up and then pulling it back.  I sucked and slurped and his hips rolled toward me.  He put his hands in my hair and helped me establish a rhythm, moving him in and out of my mouth.  He moaned and sighed and told me I was the best he had ever had sucking on him!  I focused on taking him deeper into my throat and swallowing around him, then slowing down a bit, then doing it again.  Just as I thought I might be able to help him cum, he pulled me off and up to kiss me, said he needed a little break. 

Side entrance

We cuddled close and I reveled in his skin on mine from him to shoulder, our legs intertwined.  He touched my breast and tweaked the nipple slowly.  I shifted my legs over his hip and pressed my ass against his cock.  He smiled and reached over me to grab another condom from the window sill.  He rolled it on expertly, then wiggled until he was in position.  He asked me if it was okay to do this new position and I encouraged him.  He slid inside and smiled as his cock sunk deep inside.  He moved slowly, getting the hang of this action in a way that told me it was not a common position for him.  He watched my face as he played with my breast, then reached down and flicked my clit as he moved.  Oh man… that makes my mind shut down and my body come alive!  I moved against him, pushing him deeper and he sighed and moaned, then closed his eyes, concentrating, pumping in and out, his breathing going crazy…. he warned me that he was close and he couldn’t hold back much longer. I told him to do it… fill me… let it flow… and he shuddered and was still. 

Sharing stories

I smiled and he smiled.  He stayed inside me and cuddled a little closer.  He closed his eyes and his breathing got more regular again.  I looked at the ceiling and enjoyed being close to him and still.  

He asked me to tell him certain stories I had mentioned and told him would be best told in person.  I was pleased he remembered!  I told him about the foursome I got into in Mexico years ago.  He asked good questions that brought out the juicy details that adventure!  He told me about his first affair and meeting his current wife.  I told him about meeting my husband.  He told me about a couple of his trips abroad and I told him about my trips to Lake Winnipesaukee.  It was glorious to tell the stories and hear his and listen to each other as cuddled in bed! 

We had another long kissing time.  Mmm…

Time to go

Way too soon it was time to go.  He pulled me up from the bed and hugged me once more, adding a deep kiss and squeezing my ass with both hands.  Good groping!  He helped me find my clothes, then asked if it was okay if he didn’t walk me out to the car, as that could be dangerous and he’d need a shower to get dressed again.  I told him that made a lot of sense.  I tossed on my clothes then popped into the bathroom to wash my face and hands and relieve myself before the long ride home.  I hugged him close and kissed him once more, then dashed down the stairs, up the driveway and back to my car down the road.  I pulled away quickly and listened carefully as my phone gave me directions.

1:40 pm Headed home 

I checked the time and realized I was starving!  I was so glad I had thought to bring a granola bar!  I snarfed it and drank half a bottle of water as I drove the country roads back to the highway.  I rolled along grinning great big, then drove on to the highway and concentrated on driving.  I heard my phone ping with the special Yahoo email sound, and decided to pull off at a rest stop to read it.  I went in for a bathroom break and read his sweet message.  Wow.  So fantastic not be left wondering if he wants to see me again! Such a class act!  My grin got even bigger.  

What a fun meet!  I adore this man!  He seems like the perfect combo of correspondent, confidant and caring sex partner!  

From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 2:01 PM
Re: Here

I promised myself I wouldn’t stalk and let you get home so you didn’t read messages on your cell phone while driving and run off the road in a fiery crash, ….. BUT I had such a great time with you I had to tell you!!!  You are awesome!  

Can’t wait to talk or chat or just screw around with you again!  All equally fun (my cock votes for the screw around), but I have a smile on my face that will take some time to erase!
Take care with kisses, hugs and fond memories of groping!

From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 3:11 PM
Re: Here
Hiya T!  
I made it home easily!  
Thank you ever so much for a wonderful morning, and for this message.  It is so comforting to hear from you right away, to know you are smiling.  Writing is a classy thing to do!  

For the record, I did not read it while driving.  I heard the special Yahoo ping and smiled, but waited to read it until I stopped briefly at the rest stop.  And then I grinned great big!  
I hope your evening goes well and you can keep on smiling whenever you need to.  

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