Iditarod beauty

March 5, 2018 Monday
8:45 AM Sassy
Good Morning Philip!  Have a marvelous Monday!  
I’m off to the burbs to meet The Trainer!
9:25 AM Phil
Learn well! Enjoy the day.
9:25 AM Sassy
Oh you…LOL.  thzx

7:49 PM Sassy
Chinese dinner at Qingdao Garden in North Cambridge 

 Pork fried rice
 Sesame chicken
 Minced chicken corn soup
 Peking ravioli
Pupu platter with egg roll, crab rangoon, 
chicken fingers and beef teriyaki

9:38 PM Sassy
Wow – the leaders are through the Rainy Pass area already! #Iditarod #iditarod2018

9:58 PM Sassy

Look at the slideshow from the Iditarod official photographer. They took my breath away! Mountains, doggies, mushers = beauty in all directions! #iditaord #iditarod2018

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