Meet #20 – Brett being creative

December 15, 2017 Friday
From: Brett
To: Sassy 
Date: Fri Dec 15, 2017 at 11:46 AM
Re: December delights
It looks like I won’t be able to make it for lunch.  Too much to do in order to get out this afternoon.
Will see you around 2:30 as usual….and we are going to have fun.
Report #20 Brett being creative
December 15, 2017 Friday
After waiting seven weeks, and for almost two weeks after we started trying to find a date to meet, this special Friday finally arrived!  I was especially excited to see him… not sure why, just rolled with it. 
Busy morning

I got up early, checked email for work and did a little payroll adjusting.  I took a shower and tossed on some casual clothes – dark blue sweater, blue paisley leggings, royal blue panties and my famous black bra.  I ran errands with Hubby then dropped him off at therapy and made my way out to the burbs. There was no traffic – made it in less than half an hour! 
Lunch alone

He had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and had to go back to work, so I was on my own for lunch. I went to our spot alone – the Bamboo, the stellar Chinese restaurant near the hotel.  It was super-busy but they found a small table for me in the back near the buffet! There was a lot of fresh food and some new choices – I filled a plate and munched along while reading news articles and Facebook on my phone.  I went back for another half plate of my favorites – mostly appetizers – shumai, crab rangoon, half an egg roll, chicken fingers. I watched the people around me, mostly tables of three or four businessmen. I texted back and forth on kik with The Pup, who wanted to give me interesting ideas of things to try with Brett.  Heh. I made a quick trip to the women’s room then drove over to the hotel. 
Meeting at the hotel

There was no one in lobby.  I took a quick photo of their beautiful Christmas tree, then checked in.  They gave me two bottles of water and a warm chocolate chip cookie. Yum. I sat in the lower lobby and 4 minutes later, Brett came skipping in with a twinkle in his eye!  He looked so handsome in his leather jacket, yellow plaid dress shirt, khakis and dress shoes. He’d let his hair grow a bit. I imagined messing it up and pulling on it! I gave him my most salacious smile and winked. 
Getting started

I handed him the room key and map.  I asked him how the doctor went. He said it was quick and painless.  We had an easy room to find this time – just up in the elevator one floor and down the hall to Room 3011.  He opened the door. I set down my stuff and turned… he was just about to grab me for a hug when he stopped, smelled his hands and said he had just put gas into his car and needed to wash his hands.  He dashed off to the bathroom. I sat in the big chair and took off my shoes. I sat on the end of the bed. He joined me there, snuggling up beside me. 
He put his hands on my face and we kissed and kissed.  Yum. I unbuttoned his shirt and he tossed it across the room.  I rubbed his chest and we kept kissing. He got up and took off the rest of his clothes, saying he’d better do that before I got my hair and smells all over them.  Very smart! I stared at his beautiful body and hard cock. 
He got behind me on the bed and massaged my shoulders, then pulled off my sweater.  He looked over my shoulder at my cleavage and made nice noises. He undid my bra and massaged my breasts.  I reached behind me to stroke his balls and hard cock. He moaned. 
Something new

He peeled my bra off, then sat back down beside me for a lovely skin-to-skin hug.  He pushed me down on the bed and kissed his way down my body, lingering over sucking my right nipple, then moving on down until he was kneeling on the rug between my knees with my legs hanging over the end of the bed.  He’s never done that before. Nice! 
He peeled down my leggings a bit, kissing and touching the exposed skin.  Then peeled them down a little further and kissed and touched some more. He’s not usually much of a tantalizer, so this was new and exciting!  I started tingling. He pulled the leggings down to my knees and kissed my inner thighs. Oh man… 
He rolled my leggings and panties off and tossed them over onto the big chair.  He pressed his face into my slit and licked my clit. That caused a big jolt! My hips popped up!  He pressed a finger inside me and went in and out while his tongue flicked my clit. Wowzers… that is the hottest thing!  
Then it got hotter – he ran another finger around my rim and pressed inside a little.  Oh my… the triple play of tongue on clit, finger inside and another finder inside lower?  I was shaking! And twisting! I began to wonder if he’d watched some new porn or something.  This was a whole new level of creativity! 
He pressed two fingers inside me and found my G spot.  Whee! I was wiggling all over! He stood up a bit, and teased my clit with his cock, got it nice and wet, then pressed it inside me just a little.  He moved in and out, and I sat up slightly to watch his face. His expression defines the word “ecstasy!” He stopped and said it was time to pull back the comforter and get onto the sheets.  I shimmied up the bed and he rolled down the covers, and I rolled over onto the sheets on my tummy. He grabbed a condom off the nightstand and I heard him rip the foil and put it on. 
Deep, wet, tight

He pulled my ass up and shoved his cock deep inside me.  That is the best feeling! I murmured… “So deep…” and he moaned.  He pounded in and out. I asked if it was wet? He whispered, “Oh yes.”  I asked if it was tight? He moaned again and whispered, “Mmm… hmmm.” I lost the ability to talk, just shrieked and took deep breaths as he pounded me into the mattress!  After a much longer time than usual, he warned me that he couldn’t hold back anymore, that he was going to fill me up. I replied, “DO IT!” and he came hard, shaking and staying inside.  Mmm… mmm… mmm.
I looked over at the clock as I rolled over onto my back – we had been at it for over an hour!  That may have been the best hour of my year. I had such a glow! I told him how glorious it was to be with him.  He grinned. 
Cuddling and talking

He usually rests or even sleeps for a few minutes but when I turned back to him, his eyes were open and he was smiling and he pulled me back to him for more kissing!  I cuddled up against him, entwining my legs with his, rubbing his arm and shoulder, and kissing him. 
My cold medicine started to wear off and I had a little coughing fit.  Ugh. He asked if I was coming down with something and I reminded him I’ve been sick for 5 weeks and keep hoping I am over it, but apparently not.  He wondered if he’d catch it. I said I can’t still be contagious. He said there’s contagious and then there’s the “oh so close, sharing saliva and stuff” contagious!  I giggled. “And… stuff. Mmm…” I kissed him again. He asked about the symptoms so he’d know if he got the same thing, so I briefly described my progression from sore throat through drippy nose (not congested) and then after about a week, the coughing.  And how I keep thinking I was better and it would start again! I told him I’d been to the doctor at the 2-week point, and they told me it was a virus. Nothing to done except rest and hydrate. Ugh. 
He told me about his plans to travel north over the holiday.  I told him more about my favorite Facebook page – The Bangor Maine Police Department – and we smiled over their latest adventure to Arlington National Cemetery to place wreaths on graves, then picking up a puppy to bring home to a lady in Maine.  We talked about our work. I talked about my latest community project. 
I played with his cock a bit, and kissed him some more, but he didn’t seem to want to ramp up.  He asked me about Hubby’s health and I told him that sad tale of mental issues. I asked about his health and he said he’s been doing especially well.  
I looked at the clock and it was almost 5 pm.  I asked when he needed to go. He replied, “ soon… but not yet” and pulled me back to spoon against him with my ass tucked nicely onto his cock.  He rubbed my left breast and told me about his work in a way that mentioned his profession – he’s never done that before. I knew already from some serious internet sleuthing, but it was nice to think he trusts me enough now to talk freely after 2.5 years! 
I had considered staying over at the hotel for the night and had asked if he could join me again in the morning.  I checked in to get an answer. He said he might be able to, but it was very risky. I stopped him there and said never mind.  I do not want him getting caught! Not ever, but most especially not the week before Christmas. 
I asked about his parents.  He said they are doing amazing well.  I told him about a blogger pal whose dad died, and he is the executor of his estate and asked me for my notes about dealing with all that, so I finally got around to writing up my advice and editing my Google sheet so it might be useful.  He said he doesn’t have to be the executor for his parents, due to an older sibling who can handle it. Lucky man. 
Heading out

Our time ran out.  He got up to take a shower.  I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and chatted while he washed off all the evidence of our adventures.  I threw on my clothes and collected my belongings as he dressed. I took more Dayquil. I checked my phone – Hubby’s date was cancelled, so I could go home.  I decided that was best.  He gave me the cash for the room – he’s so good about that.  We looked around to double-check for anything we’d left then headed out. 
He walked me to my car and stood there while I made sure it would start, then waved, wished me a wonderful Happy Christmas and New Year and was gone. That man is so sweet!  
Going home

I sat waiting for my car to warm up, ate my cookie and drank a bottle a water, texted Hubby and talked over ordering dinner.  I wanted to give the Dayquil a chance to kick in so I didn’t cough while driving. I headed off toward home. The traffic was the worst I’ve ever seen returning from a meet!  I sat on the highway not moving for minutes at a time… took me 20 minutes to go 4 miles to the next highway entrance and then it was packed and slow. It took me less than 30 minutes to get out there, and over an hour to get back!  I was rather worn out when I left the hotel and completely wiped by the time I made it home.
Luckily Hubby had dinner waiting – a tasty bowl of pozole soup to soothe my scratchy throat and beef nachos to fill my tummy.  Yum. I had a rare evening texting sessions with The Pup, who wanted to hear the details of my meet. He is so curious! It was fun to relive the highlights while telling him.  I collapsed into bed about 9 pm with a big smile on my face! 

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