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April 20, 2018 Friday

Report #23 The Northerner 

Friday fun
Two months.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since we managed to get together!  I didn’t hear from him for over a month after our Feb. 23 frolic… worried that the “wild woman” had scared him away.  But he reappeared as usual, just as eager to see me. Phew. 
I took this Friday off.  I had a leisurely morning – slept late, took a long shower, did a little work online. I put on my blue patterned panties, sky blue bra, black leggings, black top with fireworks and black socks and shoes.  I smiled at the black exterior and the sunny blue underneath! I took off about 1:30 pm and headed west to meet him. I made it quickly and sat in my car catching up on Facebook until it was time to go and check in.  
There was no one around so I got checked in easily.  I sat at a table at the back of the lobby and watched the people come and go, hoping each one was him.  Our meeting time passed and I marveled at the fact that I’d never had to wait on him before… hoped he was okay, checked my phone to be sure there wasn’t a text or email from him.  I looked up and there he was, smiling, striding across the lobby, only 5 minutes late at 2:35 pm. He sat down at my table and grinned at me. We chatted a bit, then I pushed the key cards and maps at him to lead us to the room.  
We had a room quite close to the front desk – 2011.  I said it was a good year, and he said we’d make it a good number for today.  He made the key card work and let us into the room which looks like all their rooms.  He said it looked familiar and we giggled. I put down my purse and glasses and phone and watch on the desk while he shucked his shoes.  I sat on the ottoman and took off my shoes. Before I could get any further, he was sitting in the chair behind me, nibbling on my neck, cupping my breasts in his hands, then rubbing my shoulders.  Oh man… that feels so good!  For someone who is so starved for touch, it is wonderful to be caressed so quickly and feel like he can’t wait to get his hands on me!  
I reached around to rub his legs… couldn’t reach anything else – he was so close. He slowly took off my top, then shed his shirt and pressed him skin on mine.  I moved back and forth against him, felt the wonderful bulge and rubbed back against that. He took off my bra and played with my breasts, then came around and pulled me up to hug and we kissed for a long time.  
He led me over to the bed and helped me get my leggings, socks and panties off.  I tossed them onto the chair in the corner. He pulled back the covers and turned up the air-conditioning.  He sprawled across the bed. I looked at the clock as I joined him – 3:03 pm – and we cuddled and kissed some more.  He flattened me out next to him and used one hand to play with my right breast, and the other flicked my clit! I ruffled his hair and stroked his cheek, shoulder and down one arm before his touch made me lose my mind and squirm and squeak!  His hair was longer than usual – he knows I like that. I caught my breath and paid attention to his touch… sucking on my nipple, slowly stroking my clit… then started to spin out a story in my mind. 
I closed my eyes and imagined being out in the hall naked and him asking me to pose in various ways to expose different parts of my body to my camera phone!  I thought of all the photos I’ve seen on Tumblr of women in hotel hallways and imagined myself in those poses. The combination of his attention to my chest and slit with the exhibition fantasy pushed me higher and higher!  
I scooted around and put my leg over his hip, and he pressed up against me.  This is usually a second or third position for us so I was surprised when he didn’t shift around to another position, but he reached over onto the night stand and rolled on a condom in record time, then moved right along to press his rock hard cock into me!  I moved to get to almost a right angle and spread my legs wide to make it easier and he got much deeper. We both moaned as he slipped in and out… I was so wet there was that super-sexy squishing sound. Mmmm… 
He pressed in and out, with his fingers on my clit and his mouth on my left breast, speeding up and then slowly down… pulling out and then pressing back in… over and over and over.  I marveled at his stamina, his creativity, his tenacity. I told him how good it felt. He smiled. I marveled at how we were entwined – legs, arms, bodies moving. I was much calmer than last time, lying back and letting him run things, relishing his touch and how it made me feel so amazing! 
My legs started to cramp and I was just about to move when he told me he needed to change positions.  I asked what he’d like and he said doggy, which meant he was ready to cum. I shifted onto my stomach and got up on my knees while he pulled my hips to align with his body and was inside me in a flash, moving in and out wildly as I slammed back to meet his thrusts.  He told me he was going to finish and I encouraged him and he picked up the pace and then stopped deep inside me. I could feel the twitches as his cock unloaded! 
He collapsed to my left and I rolled to my right.  I took several deep breaths then rolled to glance at the clock – 4:05 pm!  I rolled onto my right side to look at him. I never get tired of admiring his body.  He told me he felt so relaxed, so mellow, that being with me made all the stresses go away.  He said he hoped he didn’t fall asleep. I told him he could if he needed to. He shook his head and started asking me questions about my life, my husband, my work.  I asked about his health, his travels, his family, his work. I adore talking with him! 
I reached over to kiss him now and then, see if he wanted to go again, but he seemed content.  I checked the clock – it was 5:07 pm. I asked when he needed to go. He said 5:15 or 5:30 pm and asked what time it was.  I told him and he sighed… pulled me over to kiss and fondled my chest a bit more. 
I had to heed nature’s call so I rolled out of bed.  He followed soon and hopped into the shower. I dashed to throw on my clothes so I’d be ready to leave when he came out.  I watched him dress and enjoyed seeing parts of his body as he covered them. He left money on the bed for the maid, then handed money to me to cover the hotel room.  He is so good to take care of that every time!  I offer to treat him but he never lets me.  
He kissed me once more, careful not to touch me other than on the lips so my scent didn’t get on him.  I longed for more but was happy with that last show of affection. He checked around to be sure we had everything, then we strolled out to our cars.  I thanked him and he thanked me and said he’d see me soon. I smiled and split off to my part of the parking lot. I waved as I got to me car – he always watches to be sure I get in and the car starts!  I saw him drive away. 
I texted Hubby at 5:30 pm to let him know I was on my way and make dinner plans.  I ate the chocolate chip cookie the hotel had given me and drank their bottled water.  I checked the traffic to decide which route to take home, then rolled out of the parking lot, smiling from ear to ear, driving home calm and happy with a pile of new sexy memories.  


From: Sassy

To: Brett
Date: Fri Apr 20, 2018 at 10:47 PM
Subject: Friday thanks

Hiya Brett,

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! I had an easy drive home, smiling all the way as I replayed this moment and that story.

I survived a dinner that was too spicy and an event that poorly done. Thank goodness I had lovely memories to escape to!

Home now smiling again. Have a warmer weekend! Mwah!


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