Hussy points

January 26, 2015 Monday
10:26am Phil
How is the weather?!
Visited a few wineries Saturday.

Enjoying a quiet day at home.  Cleaning out my closets and office.

Good morning!  It’s fine here so far… supposed to start snowing late afternoon and go until Wednesday morning!  Don’t you love the “possibly historic blizzard” phrase?  Looks like I get a snow day tomorrow.  I’m busy moving meetings and feeding weather data to the boss.

I was a bad bad girl this weekend… had one gentleman help me out on the phone Friday night, and I helped another guy on Saturday!  Definitely earned my hussy points!


You been having any sexy fun?

Office closing at 4 pm today!  And closed tomorrow!  Wow! 


Oh cool! Hussy away! No fun for me. 
Been looking at houses online


If you find a moment when you want some fun, don’t hesitate to ping me!

We’re home! Traffic was beastly. This is where condo life gets really good – underground parking, someone else to shovel, power generator if the city fails – “Working from home” Tuesday… We’re fine!

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