Almost two feet

January 27, 2015 Tuesday

[photo out my window of the white world covered in snow]


[photo with even more snow. No cars.  No people.]

Yup. It snowed. A lot. And it’s still snowing.

8:35am Phil

Good morning snow bunny!


Good morning!  You get any weather?

10:08am Phil
Just a touch of snow.


We have over a foot with more coming down, and wicked winds in the 60 mph range.

10:16am Phil

Wow!  Not so bad here but it shouldn’t be. I don’t miss the snow. It was fifty on Sunday


You at work today?

[another photo of snow, the big plow trying to keep up, not really doing it]

The plow at work. Still snowing.

1:24 pm
Snow day brunch – 
ham & cheese omelet, raspberry jam on an English muffin, 
a sliver of raspberry danish and OJ!


Could you see your dog in the snow?

As a “historic” snowstorm hits the north-east of the US, the BBC uses an unconventional chart to measure the accumulation of snow.

We’re at 20 inches and it’s still snowing… record is 27 inches.  Whee!

[another photo… so much snow!]
Still snowing!  The record is 27 inches… may not make that but it will be close! Already the most ever during January.  Not forecast to let up for another 9 hours!

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