Solo: A Star Wars Story

May 25, 2018 Friday

5:58 AM Sassy
Happy Friday!
9:14 AM Phil
3:45 PM Phil
[photo of a drink sitting on a bar]

I so needed a weekend!
4:04 PM Sassy
What the heck is that?
4:20 PM Phil
That is a Star Hill New England IPA
4:20 PM Sassy
You at the beach?
4:22 PM Phil
Nope – my town. 
Stopped for a beer on the way home
5:04 PM Sassy
We saw the new Solo: Star Wars movie.  Lots fun! Out for dinner now.

6:04 PM Sassy
Awesome supper at All Seasons Table in Malden
Mango duck and eggplant
Filet mignon with pepper sauce
House special fried noodles 
with shrimp, chicken, beef and vegetables
Fried banana with coconut ice cream
6:06 PM Sassy
Folks I saw this afternoon at Assembly Row

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