A dozen and done

May 26, 2018 Saturday


I am done.  *sigh

Last time I heard from The Trainer was more than a month ago – April 14.  I’ve sent twelve messages – forwarding fun articles or jokes I saw that reminded me of him.  No pressure… just short snippets of humor.  I tried to make it clear that whenever he is ready, I am here.  No answers.  *sigh

I adore this man.  He seemed so perfect for me!  But I can only take so much silence. I promised myself after the first time he disappeared last year that I wouldn’t keep writing more than 3 or 4 times without an answer, but the universe kept showing me stuff I could not resist sending him.  But a dozen messages is enough, right?  Even though I am itching to hear what is going on with his travels and work and cock.  *sigh

Time to make a list of the reasons he wasn’t perfect.  Maybe that will keep me from writing. 

Done.  Must not email him anymore.  Must not.  *sigh

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