Purrfect Cat Show

April 27, 2019 Saturday

7:24 AM Sassy
Here’s a Saturday giggle!

From the Great Minds Think Alike Facebook page

7:58 AM Phil

3:44 PM Sassy
Steak & cheese sub from Alfredo’s!  So nice to sit down for awhile. 

3:50 PM Sassy
The Cat Show was purrfect! Spent a delightful afternoon at the Second Annual Catsachussetts International Cat Show. So many kitties, so little time!

Therapy cats from Pennsylvania
Felt fish Catnip toys that our cats adore!
Money tale house cat. Look at that curl! The friendliest cat there.
Judging area
Maine Coon
Bengal judging
Silver bengal 
Array of cat toys for sale – clerk told Hubby “They work on cats, too” 
Extensive program

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