Retirement Day 2

June 23, 2019 Sunday

6:14 AM Sassy
Retirement Day 2

12:18 PM Sassy
Fabulous French brunch at Gaslight Brasserie du Coin in Boston’s South End with the family

The entry
Shrimp cocktail
Pastries including Julia Child’s raspberry shortbread
French onion soup
Crepes parisienne for me – with ham and cheese 
and a fried egg on top 
Fruit and granola for me 
with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries 
Truffled eggs with asparagus on toast
Salmon omelette on toast
Croque madam with fries for Hubby

4:23 PM Phil

[photo of the view off his back balcony with trees and blue sky, and a glass of Scotch on the side table]

Gorgeous day

4:23 PM Sassy
I was just thinking of you…

Oh yes – 89 and breezy here

4:24 PM Phil
Sunny and hot
Sprinklers watering the plants

[photo of the view off his back balcony with trees and blue sky and water jetting out of the ground]

I’m supervising

4:36 PM Phil
Off to the beach tomorrow.
Dinner with my pal and off on vacation Wed

4:49 PM Sassy
Wow! Sounds fun!
I have to remember not to go to the office.

4:58 PM Phil
Ha! Just roll over

4:59 PM Sassy
I want to go do things but not sure what

5:34 PM Phil
Relax, the rest will come

5:36 PM Sassy
I definitely want to come!

5:36 PM Phil
Ha! You did a couple times yesterday

5:47 PM Phil
Me too!

5:55 PM Sassy
Italian supper at East Side Bar & Grille in East Cambridge

The back dining room
Tropical sunset martini
Caesar salad
Mixed grill of steak, turkey and chicken with rice pilaf

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