I Go To Sing

April 21, 2019 Sunday – EASTER

7:14 AM Sassy
Happy Easter kid!

7:18 AM Phil
You too! Enjoy your day!

7:25 AM Sassy
Thanks! I’m going back to bed and dream of you and me ravishing each other!

7:33 AM Sassy
Today is Queen Elizabeth II’s 93rd birthday! 

9:13 AM Phil

9:13 AM Sassy
I didn’t get back to sleep but I fantasized!

9:21 AM Phil
Lovely !

9:22 AM Sassy
Pat your lap for me.

11:45 AM Sassy

I Go to Sing
by Lindy Thompson

I might be exhausted and the children might be cranky,
but I will be going to church on Sunday.
Don’t know who is preaching, doesn’t matter –
the sermon may be helpful or not, holds my attention or doesn’t –
it’s the singing.
I go to sing.

I get up,
get clean,
get dressed,
possibly get mad (at not-ready kids, at empty coffee pot, at traffic)
get going,
get there,
get seated,
get comfortable,
get focused
and when the music starts,
get saved.
It’s the singing.
I go to sing.

It’s the willingness to stand if you are able,
the common agreement on page number,
the voluntary sharing of songbooks with people on your row,
even ones you rode there with –
but most of all,
it’s the collective in-breath before the first sound is made,
the collective drawing upon the grace of God,
the collective, if inadvertent, admission
that we are all human,
all fragile,
all in need of the sustaining air, freely dispensed,
all in need of each other to get the key right and not sound discordant –-
it’s the hidden life-celebration
in the act of making a joyful noise,
all together.

We don’t even have to sound that good.
Singing together still brings home
the we-ness of worship,
the not-alone-ness of life in God,
the best of all we have to offer each other.

When we are singing, I think that I might actually be able to forgive you
for being so terribly human,
and you might be able to forgive me
for being so terribly not there yet,
and we might be able to find peace now,
not postpone it for some heavenly hereafter
but live and breathe it today,
drawing in the grace of God,
voicing out our need and hope and gratitude and longing.

When we are singing, I can feel the better world coming,
and if I get to be a part of it, you do too . . .
so sing with me,
and we’ll make our way down that blessed road together,
collectively better
than we ever thought

12:02 PM Sassy
Microsermon #4 by Jon Wortmann:
Some stories don’t make sense.
Resurrection doesn’t make sense.
Love does though.
Love that can reach beyond the bounds of what we expect–past death, past grief, past pain–is what we need every day.
Easter is about loving through the hardest moments and always knowing that what doesn’t make sense is the beginning of your world changing for good.

12:09 PM Sassy
Have an Easter Island Bunny!

2:32 PM Sassy
Easter dinner!

Cheese and dried fruit
Dessert pastries
Beet pomegranate goat cheese salad, 
roasted potatoes and vegetables
Rolls and butter
Moroccan chicken tagine with sweet potatoes, 
apricots, nuts and raisins
Roast lamb

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