Twyrl Pasta Bistro

March 14, 2019 Thursday

9:30 AM Sassy
Cute camel! Have a terrific Thursday!

10:42 AM Phil
Woo Hoo! You too! 
Weather is getting better and better!

12:13 PM Sassy
It’s wacky! We’re in the 50s today and 60s Friday!

7:06 PM Sassy
First time at Twyrl Pasta Bistro in Arlington

Spaghetti with creamy basil sauce, bacon and peas
Rigatoni with vodka sauce and sausage
Free bread 
with olive oil, parmesan cheese and pepper flakes
10:23 PM Sassy
Two stories for the “Dogs will be dogs” file! 
First a quick video of Mitch Seavey coming in to Nome. His lead dog, Bug, who got the team through wind and snow and ice, turns shy when the crowd goes wild and stops 30 feet short of the finish! Mitch had to get out and lead the team under the burled arch to claim 9th place! 
from Mitch Seavey’s IditaRide Sled Dog Tours Facebook page

[facebook url=”” /]

In other news, Paige Drobney’s lead dog Neko got the team into the chute and had to heed nature’s call (POOP!) before finishing the last 30 feet to claim 7th place. 
Yup… a quick reminder these world class athletes are DOGS! Congrats to both mushers and their teams!
10:44 PM Sassy

From the “novelty” file – While waiting for more mushers to make it to Nome, fans are posting articles about the history of the race. Here’s a fun clip of Johnny Carson with a musher who ran the race with a team of huskies AND STANDARD POODLES!

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