Tonkatsu ramen

March 15, 2019 Friday

1:34 PM Sassy
Happy Friday kid! 
I’m home today getting lots done.

2:04 PM Phil
Happy Friday! Gorgeous day!

4:03 PM Sassy
Warmth! Hoping winter is over! It’s 63 degrees!  

7:03 PM Sassy

Supper at Yoshi in Somerville

My shrimp shumai and tonkatsu ramen with chicken
Hubby’s sushi

9:23 PM Sassy
Part of what makes this race different – two mushers – the young TV star and a jovial legendary 4 time winner mushing his 13th and final race (after the ravages of cancer) finished the last legs of the trail together and came in 5 seconds apart for 27th and 28th places.

Lance Mackey & Jessie Holmes to the finish line!

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