November 23, 2018 Friday

7:46 AM Phil
Happy Black Friday!

[photo of a breakfast casserole]

7:47 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

7:47 AM Phil
Starting it off right.

7:47 AM Sassy
Wow! I wanna put my fork in the screen

7:47 AM Phil
A little shopping this morning, wheeee!
It’s healthy too. Will see how it tastes

7:48 AM Sassy
I’m off to Urgent Care. Managed to get cellulitis in my right breast.

Hope it tastes grrreat!

7:49 AM Phil
Good luck, get better soon

7:50 AM Sassy
Sis sent me a wish list last night and I did half my xmas shopping.

I usually pop some antibiotics and am fine.

8:48 AM Sassy
[photo from the clinic of my naked chest with magic marker delineating the infection area on my right breast]

They marked me up. Can’t really see but it’s bright red.
Sending me to the ER. Whee

9:37 AM Phil
Nice! Good luck!

9:38 AM Sassy
Wish you could be touching there instead of them!

9:39 AM Phil
Me too!

9:41 AM Sassy
They usually just give me antibiotics…not sure why all this ER excitement
They’re sending me for an ultrasound. Bleh

10:08 AM Phil
Hope it’s nothing

10:10 AM Sassy
Ultrasound lady (who doesn’t usually say anything) said it looks fine

10:18 AM Sassy

10:38 AM Sassy
Giving me antibiotics and sending me home. Duh.
So glad I wasted hours and $100 co-pay to get the same thing the clinic usually does. NOT.

11:58 AM Phil
Fabulous! Good to check it out though.

12:27 PM Sassy
Finally home. Phew
Did the casserole taste okay?

1:23 PM Phil
It was delicious!

1:24 PM Sassy

1:37 PM Sassy

How do they do that?! Hee!
Freddie Mercury singing 
45-second video

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