Lick your clot

July 15, 2018 Sunday

Dance of the Line Riders


12:14 PM Sassy
Brunch at the S & S Deli in Inman Square Cambridge

Bloody Mary without booze
Pomegranate spritzer
Quiet dining room
Steak and eggs for Hubby
Blueberry blintzes
Eggs Maryland with shrimp and crab cakes, an egg bagel, fruit, 
home fries and a side of bacon
Pesto spinach bacon onion Monterey Jack cheese special omelette 
with an onion bagel
7:29 PM Sassy
Sunday Thai supper at Pandan Leaf in East Cambridge
Pad Thai with chicken and shrimp
Beef basil for Hubby
10:02 PM Phil
Was just thinking about you
10:04 PM Sassy
About what?
10:04 PM Phil
[Video of his lower body, with him standing stroking his cock]
While doing this
10:04 PM Sassy
10:05 PM Phil
Horny old guy, what can I say
10:05 PM Sassy
Adore you
10:05 PM Phil
Just thought I’d get off before bed
10:05 PM Sassy
Hope it helps you sleep
10:06 PM Phil
I’m sure it will!
10:06 PM Sassy
I’m about to do the same.
Thanks for some tasty inspiration!
10:07 PM Phil
Return the favor.
I’m home alone most of the week and could use some inspiration
10:08 PM Sassy
Will do!
Wish I could pop down to keep you company
10:08 PM Phil
Mwah! Need someone to lick your clot while you play?
Love spell check
10:08 PM Sassy
Damn auto correct.  Hee hee
But I will do my best from here!
10:08 PM Phil
Appreciate it!

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