Mexico Day 6 The Perfect Sunset

February 19, 2015 Thursday

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Good morning!

Hotel breakfast buffet with the usual US fare, plus Mexican, sushi and dim sum! Oh, and unlimited BACON! Nom nom nom…
 My plate. 
All five food groups – meat, cheese, eggs, fruit and a donut. With gyoza dumplings in the middle.
 Dumplings! Rice! Miso soup!
 Sushi close up.
 Dim sum! Sesame balls!
 Fruits! I adore the papaya!
 Bacon with bacon! 
The crisp is on the top and the less cooked on the bottom. Wow…
 Mexican treats – refried beans, chilaquiles with mole, quesadillas (not shown)
 Meats and cheeses
 Baked good including a chocolate croissant and a moist banana bread for me!
Peanut butter, caramel and nutella!  

I had a leisurely stroll back to my room, perused the huge hotel map and then a lovely shower using the most complicated hotel shower fixture I’ve ever seen!

Our rooms are along the gardens on the lower right, looking out over the wedding gazebo. #22 and the ocean.

 I’ve never been in a shower with no door or curtain. Yes, I got water everywhere. I keep wondering if there is a trick to it I haven’t figured out yet.

You can choose four settings – aimed at your feet, the rain coming from above, and gentle or pounding on the hand set!

Had my first ever massage with oils…mmm.  It was a tiny lady I couldn’t imagine would have the strength but she pummeled me until I was completely relaxed!  

Lunch time!  Carne a la tampiquena at Mi Ranchito! We ate here 30-something years ago and it’s still here! 

Limonada at the place I first tried it years ago!

Carne al la tampiquena (marinated beef) and breaded camerones (shrimp) at Mi Ranchito, Mercado 28, Cancun

Shopping for souvenirs.  Who should I buy this tank top for? 
[photo of a shirt that says “Sex Instructor First Lesson Free”]


[photo of a Corona t-shirt that says “Save Water Drink Beer”]

3:53pm Phil

I agree!


So many shirts, so little time!


Mercado 28 (read that aloud as Mare-cah-dough ventay o-cho) – the big flea market in the city

The boulevard on the way back to the hotel. 

Sunset over the lagoon in Cancun last night, from the Lima 12 5 restaurant. Ahhh….this is the life!

We climbed the stairs to the restaurant on the second floor and were greeted with this view. I stopped to take a photo while the others went in, knowing this was the moment… could not wait.

Sunset supper @ Lima 12 05 on the second floor of a little strip mall.  Never had Peruvian food before.

 The view from our table out over the lagoon
 Free chips – banana, sweet potato and potato with two sauces and a bowl of fried corn.
 Appetizers – Mixed seafood ceviche and anticuchos: Traditional Peruvian charcoal grilled steak marinated in panca ají pepper sauce, served with a salsa criolla.
 My entree – Aji shrimp

Fresh fried donuts for dessert

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