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February 15, 2015 Sunday
From: Jim 
To: Sassy
Date: Sun, 02/15/15 at 4:23 AM
Re: connection
Now that is a beautiful beach! The color of sea is breathtaking.
From: Jim 
To: Sassy
Date: Sun, 02/15/15 at 5:49 AM
Re: connection
My sweet Sassy,
I am imagining you as you sleep this morning. I can almost feel the room. Is there a window open?
I loved traveling together with you to Mexico! The airline with its fast plane, and inflight communication compressed time for us. 
I spent the day in my living room, phone in hand, reading our messages and thinking about you amidst my family.
I am 6′ 4″ tall. I have salt and pepper hair cut short for business.
I found a Chinese lady that keeps my hands looking neat. My finger tips are smooth and soft for touching you, and I can still dig my nails in when I need to. This is our secret.
I am a big man. I have large hands. I outweigh you by a few pounds. You are a delicate flower on my arm. You are safe with me. You need not endure the company of frail little men ever again.
Please forgive the puffy-chested bluster of the last paragraph. I believe my testosterone level spiked. Any idea why?
My voice. My voice gets mixed reviews. Some find my tonality a bit authoritarian at times so I try to be mindful of that. On the other hand, confident, secure people never complain. I have a low whisper for my Sassy…I can’t wait to hear your voice.
I am curious about so many things. We have time.
What do they offer for breakfast in Mexico? Should we simply stay in bed a little longer?
Pulling you close, gazing into your eyes, a long sweet kiss…..
From: Sassy
To: Jim
Date: Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 3:11 PM
Subject: Re: connection
Hiya Jim!  How’s your day going?  
I’m seeing photos from Boston in the snow that really make me appreciate Mexico!  
We’re at a nature theme park today called Xcaret. I swam for an hour down 
an underground river, then rested in a hammock by the ocean and ate ceviche 
and tacos listening to the waves.  When I dream of being here, the ocean 
is what calls to me – that silly blue kool-aid color. 
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From: Sassy
To: Jim 
Date: Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 3:45 PM
Subject: Re: connection
Wow…you are a romantic!   I’m not used to that.  It made me smile.  
And tingle.  I wish you could be here, for the food and the warmth 
and… cuddling.  It is a romantic place.  Your talk of hands had my 
imagination racing…in graphic,  naughty directions.  Whee!
Here are my three questions for today: 
How old were you when you first had sex?  I was 17, with my high 
school beau.  We had no idea what to do, so it was rather…boring.   
I couldn’t figure out why grown-ups liked it.  Hee. I’ve learned a lot. 
Do you still have sex with your wife?  I have not been with hubby 
in a long time, despite my best efforts at seduction.  I fantasize 
about a man who will say yes.  
What is your favorite part of a woman’s body?
Thank you for indulging my nosy self.  The more I know,  the better 
I can make it when we meet.  Feel free to ask me whatever – I am 
very open on most subjects.
I adore breakfast but my sister’s family are grab-it and go types.  
So I had a protein bar.  Eh.  The hotel breakfast is like any fancy 
Marriott anywhere.  I hope we can get off the tourist track for 
something different.  Luckily lunch was an incredible Mexican seafood 
buffet!   What’s your favorite meal, say, for your birthday? 
I’d better stop now and go look at more macaws.  Stay warm. 
Don’t think about my boobs…too much.  😉
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From: Jim
To: Sassy
Date: Sun, 02/15/15 at 3:59 PM
Re: connection
Hi Sassy,
You are visiting an amazing place! 
I really like ceviche. I need to have that more often!
This vacation is timed perfectly. I think the worst is behind us in terms of snow, but it is still very cold.
The water there is almost too perfect. How long will it take you to grow tired of it? 🙂
I am so glad you are on this vacation as much as I would like to meet you for lunch tomorrow.
Hugs and kisses!
From: Jim
To: Sassy
Date: Sun, 02/15/15 at 5:15 PM
Re: connection
Sweet Sassy,
Once again you leave me breathless!
A grab and go breakfast is most unfortunate. Americans always seem 
to eat while walking. I’m American and I still don’t get it. 
I wish I were there with you. It sounds like a nice place to get to know 
each other. Would we ever leave the room?
I’m so glad you like the hands. Most men brag about other appendages. 
I suppose that if my “appendage” were huge I may never have bothered 
to learn how to use my mouth and hands. Are you familiar with edging? 
Forgive me. I digress.
A man with a hammer treats everything as a nail. I bring a tool box 
containing special tools which I use interchangeably until the task is 
“complete”. I work as though I am being paid by the hour. In fact, I 
often take the time to “complete” the job repeatedly. Darn, I digress again!
Maybe I can tackle your deliciously salacious interrogatives. I really 
appreciate the questions.
I was also 17 my first time. First day of school senior year I spotted this girl 
and began to pursue her. Out of character for me, but I really pushed hard 
with my imagination I created unique tactics. She thought I was a geek 
until I cut my losses and became truly indifferent to her. You can guess 
the rest. She was very experienced, very generous with no reciprocation
 (good for me since I thought it was a one sided transaction…I had no clue).
I do not have sex with my wife. I confess that she suddenly gave me some 
attention. I think it was a self defense move. Maybe she sees something 
different in me subconciously. I let it happen reluctantly. Can you imagine that?
I don’t want to be an obligation. It made me feel worse….I felt as though
 I was cheating. This cognitive dissonance troubles me. Now you are 
my confidante.
Sassy your husband is gay. What else could it be? Keep him around as 
long as his rent checks don’t bounce.
My favorite parts of a woman. The correct answer is the eyes and smile.
 Our path to the naughty bits is through the eyes. Nice segue to the naughty bits.
The naughty bits. Nice boobs are…really nice. I blush as I tell you my 
favorite part…..everything below the waist. I connect with you there using 
that specialty tool kit I mentioned earlier. I am very intimate with you there 
when we establish complete trust and acceptance. I have a way to make 
that happen with no effort on your part. We have lots of time. The whole
 process will feel very good.
I may ejaculate upon seeing you for the first time. I apologize for that in advance.
Don’t worry, I can take a licking and keep on ticking for the right lady.
Bye for now Ms. Right.
From: Jim
To: Sassy
Date: Sun, 02/15/15 at 7:43 PM
Re: connection
Sassy, I forgot to answer the meal question. I really like so many different 
foods. I was born on Thanksgiving day so I like all of that traditional fair.
Given the choice I would like sushi and a Little saki for my birthday. 
Not too much saki…it’s bad for the libido.
From: Sassy
To: Jim
Date: Sunday, February 15, 2015 10:21 PM
Subject: Re: connection
Hiya Jim!  Hope the storm is gone and you can get a respite for a day or so.  
I can’t write for long – have to be out front of the hotel at 6:30 am!  This is not
my idea of vacation.  I am never awake at that time of day!  But my sister 
and her family are tourist troopers – up early and away!  We’re off to Chichen Itza
to see Mayan ruins.  This is my third trip here and I didn’t make it out there the 
first two, so I am determined to go this time.  
What did I say that made you breathless?  I am just being my Sassy self.  🙂 
Men seem to think women are only interested in cock size, but I’ve found that 
average or smaller men are much more attentive, don’t just pound away and
think that will do it.  And they are much easier to deep throat!  I have most 
certainly heard of edging.  I invented it.  Okay… not exactly.  But I am very 
good at it.  With my hands and mouth.  You are very cute when you digress! 
I would like to explore your tool box.  And you can see how mine compares.  
And perhaps we can find some new ones together.  I like variety.  I might 
bring my toy bag too.
Thank you for answering my questions and giving some background.  You
 fascinate me.  It makes me want to ask more and more!  Can you really 
be as interesting as you seem in email?  Cum on sight?  Wow… never heard 
that before!  Don’t get me too built up – I still put on my panties on 
one leg at a time.  
I laughed out loud when you said Hubby is gay.  Thank you for the vote of 
confidence for me implied there.  He does consider himself bisexual, but
never does anything on the guy-side of things.  Have you had an adventures 
with a guy?  I helped a gal who was drunk home from a work party and she 
came on to me.  I adored her but just could not do much… I am about 98% 
What’s your usual sushi order?  I will admit to being a wimp on the sushi 
front – I adore the “cooked ones” like egg, eel, CA roll or crab.  Maybe we 
take care of your libido first for your birthday and then have saki?  I can’t 
drink alcohol, so you have all you want and I will see you home safely.  
Do you want to say something about your work?  Are you in an office or 
out and about?  Can you get away to play sometimes?  I am an office 
manager, keeping the place organized and upbeat so the senior staff can 
focus on their work and not administrative stuff.  In theory I work 9-5 but 
I have lots of time off, and “doctors appointments” too! 
Mmm… licking.  That got me thinking.  More on that later.  Must sleep.  
Thank you for giving me such fun things to think about today.  Even if you 
decide I am not Ms Right, I will never forget this time of “going on vacation 
with you!” 
Now I’ll go and leave you to think about the small of my back and where 
you could go from there.  Mwah! 

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