Mexico Day 3 Chichen Itza

February 16, 2015 Monday

[If you missed the earlier part of my trip, click to catch up]

Mexico Day 1 
Mexico Day 2 Swimming Underground

I’m awake at O’dark-thirty. Oof. Off to Chichen Itza to see Mayan Ruins. Whee!

For a primer on what the ruins are all about, click over here. 

Good morning from Chichen Itza!  Flowers… outside… in February!  Whee! 

The temple. More massive than any photo conveys

9:58am Phil

More photos of the grounds

A map of the grounds

Our van with a tour guide


 The ball court for religious rituals

 The south face of the temple with snake mouths open at the bottom – 34 meters high. You can’t climb it anymore – closed in 2006 to preserve it.

The vendors set up along the way

We had a delicious buffet lunch in Piste at the gorgeous Hacienda Xaybeh Dcamara with many Mexican delicacies and a dancing show!


 We went on to Valladolid “a real Mexican city”

Headed home.  Easy roads to drive and no traffic!

6:23pm Phil

Great shots! Looks like such fun and better weather than New England!

I’ll post a few trip photos every day this week. If you want to jump ahead and see all my trip photos in one place, click over to Google+ for either: 
1) The Mexico trip highlights album (46 photos)
2) All the Mexico trip photos day by day (scroll down about 3 screens to February 2015)

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