Mexico Day 2 Swimming underground

February 15, 2015 Sunday

If you missed Mexico Day 1 – click here

Good morning from Mexico!

1:29pm Phil 

[photo of the backyard of the model house like his]

My new backyard



We’re at Xcaret today – huge nature amusement park.   I swam the underground river!  And ate ceviche at the beach.  I couldn’t take my phone so I pulled these photos off the web.

They give you a pink life vest, so you can float along. They also give you flippers so you can move along faster. You can either put all your stuff in a locker you have to walk back to (what they recommend) or in a bag that will meet you at the other end (that I recommend).

The caves are 1/3 natural and 2/3rds constructed, but it is tough to tell the difference.

For lunch, we had a corner table on the lower left looking out over the ocean. The buffet is up the stairs in the middle of the building. The chicken lime soup, papaya and the shrimp ceviche were my favorites. I also tried the pork tacos, shrimp taco, cheeses, spaghetti, pasta salad, beets and flan. Lunch was free with the upgraded park entrance fee.

I rested in one of the hammocks on the left after lunch and listened to the waves for at least 10 minutes.

2:30pm Phil 

Cool! So glad you are having fun.

The new house, that’s the outdoor patios


You dreaming or decided?  To buy or build?

3:04pm Phil
Gonna build. I like the house. Housemate is a pain in the ass but lots of room to get away

This would be funny if it weren’t so close to the truth.

Mexican buffet @ Restaurante Mexicano La cocina, Xcaret 

Map of the place.  HUGE!  So bizarre that when we were here in the 80’s there was nothing but a beach and some palm trees.

 Macaws just hanging out in a tree along the path.
 Make your own street corn.  Yum.
Buffet! Outside under a thatched roof.
Buffet seating area right next to the horse show arena.
“Horse Spectacular!”  
Live horse show with a band on the platform across from us.

Incredible day at Xcaret, the nature theme park – swam for an hour down an underground river, ate ceviche at the beach, saw a horse show and scarlet macaws and bought stuff.  Photos are not great but you can get some idea.  Thanks to everyone posting snowy photos from home so I appreciate it here even more!  

This is the first real vacation I’ve had in… forever.  I don’t have to plan or drive or pay, just sit back and go along with whatever Sis has planned!  


I’ll post a few trip photos every day this week. If you want to jump ahead and see all my trip photos in one place, click over to Google+ for either: 
1) The trip highlights album (46 photos)
2) All the trip photos day by day (scroll down about 3 screens to February 2015)

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