An amazing mouth

November 8, 2014 Saturday

Have a great ride!

7:33am Philip
Thank you. Very excited about this. 30 years since I have been on a bike!

Hope it’s as fun to do this after 30 years as it was to reconnect with some one else between your legs!

7:39am Philip 
I’m guessing it isn’t gonna be close!
Awww…thanks kid!  You know how to start a gal’s day off right!
I see you sitting in a big chair with me at your feet…mmm
9:12am Philip 
That’s a very nice visual
Hiya!  How was the ride?
6:55pm Philip 
It was great fun! Balance and control still there but boy am I older. I’m very aware I don’t bounce anymore
6:57pm Philip 
My body was going “hey, what the fuck!”

But god it’s fun to be on a bike, love the power and being in the air!


When do you get your bike?
7:03pm Philip 
As soon as I get my license, going to start riding the bigger bikes. Going to rent a couple and spend a day riding
7:16pm Philip 

[photo of him smiling in a baseball cap, winter coat, sweatshirt]

Oooh!  I adore your smile!

7:21pm Philip 
Just an old guy. 

I bet you can still bounce on me!
7:24pm Philip 
Oh yeah, bike was too small for me. I’ll be more comfortable on something bigger

Yeah… that happened with Kris… he rode the smaller ones and kept trading up until he got the super-deluxe one

What does your wife think of this?  Will she ride?
7:43pm Philip 
I don’t know. Soon as I buy the bike she is going to buy a 12k sewing machine. She can ride that.
Oh my…Will Red ride?
7:51pm Philip 
She wants to drive. Such a different outlook on everything. She would rock leathers
I had the feeling I’d be much more comfortable driving than riding…
7:53pm Philip 
You like to ride

I didn’t get much of a chance to see.  He started me out with a 100 mi ride, mostly on the highway in the freezing cold.  I was equal parts bored, terrified and frozen.  The next day on the back roads in the sun was much better

But mostly it seemed like he was having a grand time and I was clinging to him for dear life being uncomfortable and bored.  If I’m going on a date, I want to talk to him, do stuff… etc. Not just sit there silently for hours.

Do you understand or do I sound like an idiot?

8:01pm Philip

No I understand. No fun in the cold and scared. Fred loves to ride. Better if you have the Bluetooth and can talk.

Ah yes… a little change like that could make a big difference!

8:02pm Philip
I like to ride a bit, and then stop and enjoy or spend the night and have fun

Why doesn’t our hometown church have a web site or email or any way to change my Mom’s address with writing to them a letter or calling?  Argh.

8:03pm Philip 
Stop in a secluded spot, get naked, enjoy, grab a bite some place.  
The church is Old fashioned
I should send you a motorcycle fantasy a friend wrote… can’t remember if I sent it before…
8:04pm Philip
I have many of those 

Fantasies that is. Love sex outdoors

Always have, remember camp?

I was surprised how far I went in the cemetery 

so risky, so hot
8:08pm Philip 
Yup! That’s what makes it hot
Too bad you visit when it’s cold out!
I can see myself doing all sorts of naughty sexy stuff with you!
I have this vision of being bent over a bench, you holding my ass and pounding me
8:14pm Philip 
I like holding your ass and I like pounding you too, hard and deep
For a guy who loves sex, I sure don’t get much
Even simple things like you holding me with a hand down my jeans… playing with my clit… watching my face as I cum… oh man….
Ha ha… tell me about it.  It’s been over 6 weeks for me and I am getting too twitchy!
8:21pm Philip 
I like that clit between my teeth while I flick it with my tongue
Ooh!  I want that!
8:22pm Philip 
I will reciprocate!  I am good that way.  : )
8:30pm Philip 
I know, you have an amazing mouth
I’ve learned a lot about that since I saw you last… watched a lot of video… tested out techniques
Worry that I am not as good as your wild ladies… but hope I am still good enough
8:39pm Philip 
Both are amazing but you are something else too. Attitude is everything. One isn’t mine anymore and never will be again, getting married next week. You are plenty good enough
Thank you.  I don’t understand it but we do have… something.
You light me up like no one else.
8:44pm Philip 
Always did


I started to worry about it being 3 years and whether we would still get along… but then smacked myself because it was 30+ the last time and we did fine!

8:50pm Philip 


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