Nothing under them

November 7, 2014 Friday
Good morning!   Back to work for me!  TGIF kid!
7:37am Philip 
I’m so glad it went well and Mom is happy! 
Have a great Friday. 
Motorcycle course for me tonight
So glad to hear you are taking the motorcycle course.  Kris found that very helpful.
Work is going well today.  Boss suddenly realizes she needs me to run the place while she is gone on maternity leave… is being super-nice!  HA!
3:30pm Philip 
I rode a lot years ago but it’s been years since I have been on a bike. I’m sure it will come back  quickly but I want the practice

Yeah… it had been 25 yrs for Kris. He said it mostly helped with newer features.  And be sure they teach you how to deal with righting the bike if you ditch it.  That thing weighs 850,000 pounds!

He said there are two kinds of bikers – those who have ditched on a bike and those who will soon.

3:32pm Philip
You get rusty. I’m going to rent one and ride it around the country roads get used to the weight and how she maneuvers.
He found the slow turns to be the biggest problem, so watch out for those.
3:34pm Philip 
Slow turns are where you feel the weight of the bike and balance really plays
But you are bigger. stronger, may have less trouble.  He’s only 170 pounds soaking wet.
3:35pm Philip
Ugh easier to ride at speed
Yeah… he likes about 120 mph!
3:37pm Philip 
The bike fits me well. 
I’m a very careful rider. 120 is not in my vocabulary

I know… you want to cruise the beach with a hot babe on the back…

3:39pm Philip 
That would be nice
Does this course get you a break on insurance?
3:42pm Philip 
Yes and is a licensing course. Dropped my license years ago
Gonna buy leathers?  Boots? Fancy bluetooth helmet?

3:46pm Philip 
I don’t know. Not really my style

Need something for safety…
This is so exciting!  One of your dreams coming true!

3:58pm Philip 
I have a leather jacket, gloves, etc. I always just wore jeans

But the chaps are so sexy.  ; )

4:24pm Philip 
Only if you wear nothing under them

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