Too hard

November 9, 2014 Sunday

10:42am Philip

Out riding again, gorgeous day!


Woohoo!  Enjoy!

I just got up. ; ) 

1:20pm Philip 
I could never sleep that late. Lord, entire day is gone!
I was up chatting until 1 am while you were snoozing.  : ) 
Just ordered breakfast delivered!
I was dreaming of you!
How’s the bike?
1:26pm Philip 
Had a blast and now have a license again which is cool. Now to see about buying the bike
1:31pm Philip 
Yeah baby
1:57pm Philip 
Left my silly ass wife in charge of taping the football game. Did she do it? No. Woman does not cook or clean, has the house looking like an edition of hoarders, brings in no money but sure knows how to spend it. Unbelievable!
Beer good?  Any food?
2:07pm Philip 
Beer is very good, no food. Trying to calm down. That woman just drives me up a wall and not in a good way.
2:14pm Philip 
So over this shit.
I hear you. Try not to let her raise your blood pressure.
2:25pm Philip 
I am pissed at her every day. She spends my money to grocery shop but only buys stuff for her. Yesterday, never even considered dinner. If you don’t work or contribute in any way, the least you could do is figure out dinner while sitting on your ass all day long. 
Many days I literally have to bite my tongue to keep from spewing. I wanted an nice watch on sale, $169 bucks for a $700 watch. Her response, “You don’t need another watch,” then she wants me to look at a $2500 watch she wanted and got upset when I said fuck you. Now she wants this ridiculously priced sewing machine!  All I asked was please tape the game while I am taking my course. Too fucking hard to accomplish. Livid is way too gentle a word for how I feel.
2:26pm Philip 
Just gonna sit here and drink beer till I calm down.

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