Go ride

Monday, September 15, 2014

9:40pm Phil 
Hope you had a great day!

Thanks!  It was better than last week, which isn’t saying much, but is something.

Kris wrote… he wants me to ride his bike, show him the places I love in RI

9:41pm Phil 

Go ride


So last week he is pushing me away, this week he wants me to spend the night

9:42pm Phil 
This is very tough. He is on an emotional roller coaster. Help him ride it out
I’m trying to get over my fears and go

That’s my plan.  Here when he wants, don’t bug him otherwise.

9:43pm Phil 

Riding’s a blast, it truly is
I am trusting you and him… if he kills me, it’s been wonderful knowing you!

9:54pm Phil 
Trust me, you will love it. He won’t kill you and you will be glad you went.


Can you talk to each other or mostly not, when you’re riding?

9:57pm Phil 
You can, just lean forward, it’s a very pleasant and exhilarating experience

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