Quid pro quo

Sunday, September 14, 2014
Me: Hiya! Hope you’re having a good day. 6:23 PM

Kris: Hi, had 2 dates in last 2 days – both were 2nd dates. 

1) yesterday had dinner on the shores of Lake Champlain in VT (175 miles from my house…350 mile round trip last night just for a dinner date!) older lady, pretty, nice, but still raising too many kids (has total two dozen or so combined bio, step and adopted kids!) went back to her house after dinner and met a number of them. – really nice kids…huge gorgeous house in upscale neighborhood, but just too much with all the kids.  and though she’s pretty… age is showing a little too much (of course, age is not showing on ME at all. I still look 21. LOL). will b gently saying goodbye to her. 9:56 PM

Kris: 2) Today had “dream date” 2nd date – pretty, funny, smart, my age. Decided to go on first bike ride of her life! I wanted you to take the real “virgin ride” but, alas…today’s date was the first woman to take a real ride. Picked her up at apartment at 9:30 this morning, took seashore roads all the way up into Maine. Gorgeous ride and day.  She thought she would be scared, but ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! had brunch – very ritzy….gorgeous site on ocean. next text is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! 10:13 PM

Kris: I WANT U TO FORCE YOURSELF TO LET ME GIVE U RIDE ON BIKE TO THAT BOATHOUSE IN R.I.. U DO THAT AND WE’LL GET HOTEL. BREAK MY “RULES” (provided your latest meets wore condoms….and u tell me the truth). no sex with my dates.  woman tonight initiated light kiss goodnight on mouth, quick peck and home I went. PLEASE LET ME TAKE YOU FOR A BIKE RIDE. “QUID PRO QUO” (“this for that”).  I get what I want and u get what u want. wink. Alfalfa 10:25 PM

Me: Good to hear about your adventures! My family spent Thanksgiving one year up in Maine, turkey overlooking the ocean… very special place! 10:37 PM


Me: Yes. 11:07 PM

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