Risk life and limb

Monday, September 15, 2014
Kris: OMG. FINALLY.!!!!!! You really are incorrigible! Willing to risk life and limb.  just to get laid.  and not all that well (give you quarter later).  when? where to? R.I.? 9:00 AM
Me: My goodness you’re insulting this morning! To both of us! My week is open except Tuesday evening. Could take an afternoon off if you like, or focus on the weekend. Not sure about RI vs Gloucester. You have a preference? 11:58 AM
Kris: L0L…”my goodness”?  “insulting”? Too “sensitive/gentle.” Where’s your sense of humor?! (Put Sassy on the phone…she’ll come back with something sarcastic like: “Ha, ha…wise guy…and that will be $1 for the massive self-deprecation.”) If you could get Friday afternoon off that might work.  but need to see what schedule looks like first.  should know by Wed. Either Gloucester or R.I.  no preference. can u afford to split the costs?  serious financial pressure lately.  but want to get a room.  maybe spend night? 12:29 PM
Me: Sounds so good. We’ll work it out. 5:01 PM

Kris: 🙂 5:31 PM

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