Inside out

Saturday, September 6, 2014
10:05am Hiya Handsome!

[he posted a sexy photo of him running on the beach]
10:05am Phil 
Nothing handsome about that sweaty, scruffy looking dude

You look kissable to me!

10:17am Phil 
Those whiskers would burn your thighs
Mmmm…yes please!

10:47am Phil 
Ha ha!

Great lunch with Mom at The Ninety-Nine.  She had the fish & chips and ate their fried chicken! 

We had a wild thunderstorm!

I adore it when the storm goes through and the temperature sinks from 89 to 73 in less than 15 minutes! Buh bye 90s!

9:32pm Phil
[photo of Fred and a younger woman smiling]
9:32pm Phil 
Fred and her daughter. Two pretty ladies

Wow!  Great photo!
9:49pm Phil 
Both stunning

So she is cool with her children seeing you?

9:59pm Phil 
Yeah! Kids are good. Their Mom is happy and they are good with that

I’ve known them all their lives. The daughter is a pistol

11:46pm Phil 

Crazy I know.

Fred had a relish tray laid out, steaks ready for the grill, met me with a drink in a “leave nothing to the imagination” negligee and then turned me inside out. Wow!

oooh… lucky man!

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