Incorrigible Me

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Good morning!  Usually back about 2 pm. Mwah! 9:45 AM

Kris: ok…I’ll have to see how far I get. hope enough to pick you up…but realistically aim for 4:00 SHARP. Humid with T-storms later. Good news: Reprieve from my relentless pressure for bike ride (for now). Bad news: Hot, humid, windy, noisy ride in my car again. Sure u really up for that (again)!? 9:57 AM

Me: Sounds good if I’m with you 9:59 AM

Kris: unflappable…incorrigible, adj. 1. bad beyond reform: “an incorrigible liar”. 2. unruly; uncontrollable: “an incorrigible child”. 3. firmly fixed; not easily changed: “an incorrigible habit” or “her incorrigible lust for sex and food”. 4. not easily influenced: “an incorrigible optimist”. You fit 3 & 4. I, on the other hand, fit 1 & 2.  Strange & Wonderful Alfalfa. 🙂 10:17 AM

Kris: struggling to focus. trying but slow going. I could come to your apt, but would need to just keep working. way behind in everything. stressed out. wish I were free just to go someplace fun but really need to work. UGH! 1:37 PM

Me: Running late – just got to Mom’s. It’s okay. Whatever you need to do. 1:40 PM

Kris: Is me working at your apt “something/better than nothing”….or should i just stay home and work? Do something another time when I’m free? Help me out – have a preference! trouble making decisions lately…losing my mind! 1:46 PM

Me: If you can focus alone, stay home. Don’t waste time driving 1:52 PM

Kris: Ok. sorry. don’t know yet but if I’m free, do u have plans for tomorrow? 1:54 PM

Me: Busy tomorrow. Sorry 1:56 PM

Kris: Ok…enjoy! 1:58 PM

Me: @ The 99 with Mom in Woburn…reminds me of you! 2:31 PM

Kris: 🙂 2:32 PM

Me: You getting stuff done? 3:28 PM

Kris: Yes…slowly, but chuggin away. been home “sweatin bullets”….gonna drive somewhere with a/c & wi-fi, keep working 3:32 PM

Me: Hiya! How goes? Hope you’re being productive. 🙂 7:35 PM

Kris: Yup.  sitting in McDonald’s just to get out of house and into a/c.  cranking out work.  OMG it’s torture…am really behind…but getting caught up. 7:39 PM

Me: Yay! Sounds good. 7:40 PM

Kris: 🙂 7:41 PM

Me: You get lots done? Feel calmer? 12:23 AM

Kris: Yes…feel little better…still more to do…tomorrow. 1:51 AM

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