Beautiful Stairs

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Good morning! Happy Football Day!

9:21am Phil 
Good morning! Thank you! You too though I am rooting for a Patriot loss

Off to RI for beach time and lobster!  
And memories of handsome man holding my hand…

Fantastic photos! Makes me want to travel.. and climb! Would you walk up or down?

20 Most Beautiful Stairs Around the Web

4:48pm Phil 

[Photo of Philip in a baseball cap and t-shirt smiling]
4:49pm Phil 

[Photo of Philip in his football shirt smiling]
4:49pm Phil 
Happy Football fan. 
Hope RI is fun!
5:04pm Phil 
[Photo of Philip fresh out of the shower with his football shirt on]
5:05pm Phil 
Freshly laundered
Wow.  What is that on your jowls? 

See my wall for photos of my gorgeous day in RI!

[I’ll show them in my next post]

5:30pm Phil
Gorgeous !


5:42pm Phil 

[photo of Philip, playing with the negative image software]
5:43pm Phil 

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