Alfalfa Appears Again

Carl Switzer as Alfalfa 
in the 1930’s “Our Gang” movie shorts

Friday, September 5, 2014

Kris: wife’s lawyer didn’t show yesterday, so I met with “case manager” alone. called lawyer who said those court meetings are “waste of my time…u and I can settle this without wasting time driving to courthouse (disdains “system” and been doing it for 38 years). wife is talking about maybe accepting legal separation and maybe thinking about reconciliation…still hates my guts.  still sends vitriolic texts occasionally.  but “small crack in her armor”.  meeting with pastor went well…she asked about stds.  told her about testing and results.  she did not ask more about you.  other than “did u have sex on the boat”.  to which I replied “Does that really matter?” and she dropped it. hope your day is going well.  gonna b a hot one.  b thankful u r not in my car without a/c!   😉  Evil Alfalfa  9:10 AM
Kris: so when do I get to take u on bike ride? if I evah find my lost moral compass a day may come of a final goodbye.  not trying to “blackmail” u.  just facing reality.  SO? (I hear that whining “Ohhhh…I don’t know.  I’m frightened.). Ok.  so I’ll go real slow.  for a short ride. How bout u drive and meet me someplace near Gloucester tomorrow after u drop off mom? Short ride on bike, sight see in your AIR CONDITIONED CAR.  dinner (dutch).   Blackmailing Alfalfa 9:46 AM
Kris: how’s your day been? almost free! 3:06 PM
Kris: not like u to not give short reply.  busy?  something wrong?  u can tell me.  it’s me.  Kris…remember? 😉 4:37 PM
Me: Hiya! Thanks for the update. Crazy day in the office. I’d adore going to Gloucester with you, but Hubby has the car tomorrow after I get back from Mom’s. He is going to a big party with his lady and doesn’t know when he’ll get back. Can you pick me up in your car? Or some other plan? 4:38 PM
Kris: not sure.  may have acted prematurely.  let me get back to you later tonight.  gotta run.  be gone for few hours. talk later. Hug & Kiss 4:41 PM
Kris: got a lot of work. depends how much I can get done by tomorrow afternoon.  later gator 4:42 PM
Me: Sure. I’m flexible. You’re welcome to work tonight and/or tomorrow in the a/c comfort of my living room if you like. Mwah! 4:45 PM

Kris: had a wife shopping dinner date.  heading home. will try to get done in time to pick you up tomorrow.  what time will u get home from lunch with mom? 12:32 AM

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