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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Good morning kid!  Safe travels!

8:56am Philip
Morning Sass, on my way. 
Hope you have a great Sunday!


Having lunch with a former intern from the Midwest I haven’t seen in two years – should be great catching up! Happy trails!

8:58am Philip

Have fun!


Kris emailed last night after 3 days of silence.  He wants to stay friends but no more sex.  What do I say to that?

8:59am Philip

Why not?


He’s going to be GOOD now.
9:00am Philip
For awhile maybe

He’s going to date good Christian women from church and pick one to marry.  *sigh
9:04am Philip
He’s going to find them rather boring and tame compared to you. I’ve done the good Christian women. I like the wild ones much better

My theory is to coast along, not expect much and be pleasantly surprised if anything happens.

9:11am Philip
Not a bad way to go. Better than giving up. Anything can happen and often does


Yeah… most people are saying just stop but you know that’s not me.

9:15am Philip

Screw most people. Most people are unhappy as shit going through boring ass lives. If you are not with someone you want to touch all time, go find that person.

Good for you


He was so good for me… 
I hate that I have to go out looking again.  *sigh

9:17am Philip
I know that feeling.
Heh.  What a pair we are!  
9:32am Philip
Yeah. Hindsight is so clear. Where was it when I needed it.  I just never got over feeling it wasn’t right. Ah well. 
Fred was a different person out in the country. Relaxed and fun and Fred again. We go back years. Waiting to see how that turns out. 
My wife is demanding a 4ooo dollar watch. Be a cold day in hell. Those days are over.  400 bucks maybe. She knits and sews and does little else. 
Meanwhile Fred is flashing incredible cleavage and shaking her sweet ass while shooting pool in a bar and throwing back beers. Hair blowing in the wind, singing at the top of her lungs, flashing the occasional trucker. Hmmmm
5:14pm Philip
Made it. Rainy but humid. I like it


See the oysters I ate for lunch!  Thought of you!  
Oysters clockwise from the top > 

  • 3 citrusy Lucky Lime from p.e.i., 
  • 3 the cucumbery Gigamotos from British Columbia and 
  • 3 buttery Royal Miyagi from British Columbia. 

I was surprised how different they tasted! In the middle we have cocktail sauce, an onion reduction and lemons.

 New England clam chowder 
with bacon lardons and a spicy crouton. 
Amazing smoky flavor!
Sugar snap pea salad
with house-made ricotta, mint, almond vinaigrette
with cole slaw, french fries, bread & butter pickles

 Smoked shrimp beignets

 Fried oysters with a delectable mustard mayo remoulade

 Two desserts: Chocolate mousse with Heath bits 
and the brillat-savarin (triple cream soft, white-crusted cow’s milk dessert cheese) cheesecake
 with a brown butter crust, macerated plums 
 Fresh blueberry custard tart 
 The gate points the way in to B&G Oysters 

5:16pm Philip
Why thank you!

Cum play!

5:20pm Philip

[photo of his smiling face sitting on a hotel bed in a hoodie]

[hot photo of a woman lying on her back sucking a man standing over her]
5:50pm Philip
Damn girl!

I could use a little of that


Here’s what I want.  Click to see 10 panels of sexy. 
6:11pm Philip


His thumb on her hard nipple, and him tapping her clit… oh yes!

Kris is coming over tonight.  To talk.

How do I get him into the bedroom?!

6:21pm Philip

Just let it flow or you will scare him off


I know… *sigh

What does Fred do to get you there when you think you won’t?

6:39pm Philip
She shows off those amazing tits, and sits real close, hands on my knees and just works her magic. Last time she just dropped her pants in the kitchen bent over and said cum here and I did. There was no return. I said we are not doing this, she grabbed my cock, inserted it and backed up and said oh yes we are. Dear god


Hmmm… hot!    But doesn’t sound like my style.
But desperate times may call for desperate measures!

6:44pm Philip
She is such a sexual thing. Love her body. She is very flexible, used to dance. And talk about a hot box, wow. She is unreal


I have developed a “second personality” that is very… sassy.  You would be surprised.
6:55pm Philip
I like it
You set me in the right direction… four years ago tomorrow!


The bike
[photo of Kris with his Harley parked in my garage]
7:29pm Philip
Nice!   I want one

7:55pm Philip

Kris asks what kind you want?

8:17pm Philip
Electra Glide Ultra

10:52pm Philip
Very hot stuff. Using it to beat off to

 : )
11:09pm Philip
Thank you


been up on the roof w/K, solving the problems of the world.

11:11pm Philip

Hah Solve this problem
11:12pm Philip
[photo of his beautiful cock from above]
11:17pm Philip
Did you solve anything!?

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