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Saturday, August 16, 2014

I finally got a couple texts and a late-night email.  He was in rare form, dropping bombshells.  
11:30 PM TEXT from Kris
Divorce imminent…dating other women…but no sex with them. telling u cuz not ready to let u go. u know me in ways no one else does. that’s a kind of intimacy I can’t easily let go of. could u be my intimate friend with no sex?
11:46 PM TEXT from Kris
If u say yes…u will stay my friend. then I should meet your sister so you won’t be sad that I didn’t.   I want to hear how u explain our “new relationship” to her…  (assuming u let us have one…unless it would be too hard…..since Sassy can hardly resist Kris Kringle.   😉

From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: August 17, 2014 1:48 AM
Subject: re: Weekend times 
Sent you a text asking you if we could have a unique, intimate, non-sexual relationship.  May be too much for Sassy to resist Mr. Studly Kris….but you are in a unique position.  Literally no one in the world knows the “real me”–the good, bad, and ugly like you do.  Here’s an ironic fact…I could hardly get laid to save my life on AM.  But I have Christian women beating down my door who are looking for husbands.  I have dates with several of them lined up.  So now I can “cheat” on them with you…AND NOT EVEN HAVE SEX WITH YOU!!!!   Now tell me why I shouldn’t be officially crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not think of how to respond.  I don’t know what he is really offering or if I want it, and I am certainly not going to answer electronically.  So I decided to sleep on it.  I focused on getting him here to talk in person.

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  1. GLNO says:

    I've just started following your blog and have read quite a bit but must have missed something. He's divorcing but can't be with you at least beyond friendship? You appear to be in an open marriage and have this history with kris. I'm missing something.

  2. Hiya G! Welcome to my Sassy world! Thanks for reading about my wacky days. Kris and I have been meeting since early April. His wife found out and disappeared in June and wants a divorce ASAP. Extra-marital relationships rarely survive divorce. Now he can date single “Good Christian women” who can have a future with him and help him be the moral man he strives to be. He doesn't want to live alone so he plans to get married again soon and work on getting back in with his family and church and the life he thinks he wants.

    Hope that fills in the gap!


  3. GLNO says:

    Thanks for thr recap! Well I'm sure time will tell if that's going to work out for him! My feeling is he'll be right back to where he was at some point!

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