Meet #28 Feeding Kris

Sunday, August 17, 2014
TEXT to Kris
I have a perfect ripe pear. It should be eaten tonight.  Can you pop down and help me out with that? 1:09 PM
1:16 PM TEXT from Kris
I shouldn’t but can’t resist.  Won’t take advantage of poor little me will u?   😉
1:17 PM TEXT from me
I can text you when I get back from lunch. Aim for 6? 
1:18 PM TEXT from Kris
1:19 PM TEXT from me
1:24 PM TEXT from Kris
Don’t frighten the children. down Sassy. sit. don’t scare poor Kris   😉
1:26 PM TEXT from me
Who? Oh… she’s gone.  I shut her away. 
1:40 PM TEXT from me
I have corn on the cob, grapes and raspberries from the farm stand too
1:43 PM TEXT from Kris
You’re a liar… the demure lady can barely handle Sassy. But I am a big boy… and never did anything I didn’t want to.  Stories?  Oh yeah… I’m a regular “Lying, Cheating, ‘Christian’ Don Juan.”  If I’m no good for a fuck… at least I’m “highly-entertaining!”  LOL
5:08 PM TEXT from me
Heading home so 6 pm timing looks good, or whenever suits your schedule after that. 
5:29 PM TEXT from Kris
7:00 🙂 
7:16 PM TEXT from Kris
Here..where should I park bike
7:17 PM TEXT from me
Yay!  I’ll meet you in the garage.  
7:17 PM TEXT from Kris
K…  🙂 
I dashed down to open the garage door.  I stayed a distance from him as he took off his chaps.  I took a photo of the bike to send to Philip.  He walked over and gave me a long hug, then surprised me with a kiss on the lips!  That always feels good, but it was especially wonderful since I thought I wouldn’t get any physical contact! 
We went upstairs.  He sat in a tall chair near my kitchen pass-through while I grabbed food to feed to him.  He must have been starving.
  • He started with the “perfect pear” and ate all of it except the stem!  
  • Next he asked for a bowl of Progresso pasta e fagoli soup and some apple juice.  
  • He ate an ear of corn on the cob.  I fed the other one to Hubby.  
  • I also gave him a grilled chicken breast.  
  • And some green beans.  
  • And raspberry sorbet!  He poured milk on it!   
  • He made himself a cup of instant coffee. 

It was strange and fun to cook for him.  I never cook! 
We took a couple of my dining room chairs up to the roof deck.  It was a beautiful clear cool night.  We sat next to each other and I listened to him.  The big news was that he had gotten on and was going to have lunch with three different women next weekend!  He characterized them as “Marlo Thomas,” because she looks like that actress, “The Little Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe” because she had four children and married a guy with five children and they adopted 10 more!, and “the one like me” who went to the same college, and works for the main competitor of his employer!  I asked what about the Kris who advised his wife to wait at least six months to date so she doesn’t do something stupid on the rebound?  He said he is bad, already lying, telling them he was divorced.  I felt bad for these women and told him so.  He asked me if I was jealous and I said not really.  He can do what he wants when he is not with me but it seemed like a bad idea for him and for them. 
This ticked me off.  He puts me off because he needs to focus on the tasks around his divorce and renting out rooms in his house and… he starts using brain space for three more women!  I told him I was taking that personally… that he doesn’t want me and sex with me is no good.  He reassured me most emphatically that is not true.  He said he is crazy.  I asked if he has a brain tumor.  He said that would be great – if he could have a reason he has done all this crazy stuff.  I asked if he would let them cut it out and go back to normal.  He didn’t answer.  I asked if he thinks he is mentally ill and what DSM 4 code would he give to it?  He laughed and said that was a good question!  He asked if I would visit him in prison, that he was so crazy he assumed he was going to screw up something and get into trouble.  I told him not to talk like that. 
I spent most of my time trying not to touch him.  Not to kiss him.  My instincts press me to comfort him, to touch him, to give him some release, make him forget his troubles for a little while.  But I fought it.  He held my hand.  I struggled not to stroke his fingers. I watched the planes going and coming from Logan to take my mind off it.  
It got to be midnight and very cold, so we decided to go back downstairs.  Hubby was ensconced on the sofa playing video games so I asked Kris if he could sit on one side my bed and I’d sit on the other.  He said that would be fine.  He made a cup of coffee and I went in and sprawled on the far side so he could have the bedside table to put his cup on.  He came in, leaving the door open, and sat on the edge of the bed drinking his coffee.  
In a couple of minutes, he sprawled out and started to talk again.  He rolled over next to me, tugged me over so my head was on his shoulder.  This was incredibly tough for me… I so wanted to caress him!  I felt like I would go crazy not kissing him, but I gritted my teeth and stared at the ceiling to listen.  He told me about the tasks on his mind.  He told me more about his wife’s demands for their divorce.  He was quiet for several long periods and I thought he had fallen asleep, but when I turned my head slightly to look, he would open his eyes and smile at me.  I rubbed his face.  
About 1 am he got up to use the bathroom, and closed the door to the bedroom.  Oh?  He crawled back into bed beside me.  I was flat on my back.  He turned on his side and cuddled up next to me.  He reached across my stomach, lifted my top and traced patterns on my skin.  I shivered.  He traced lower, trailing a finger around the waistline of my slacks.  I was so revved up from holding back for hours, I started trembling and breathing raggedly right away.  I didn’t want him to ever stop, but I wanted to understand what was going on so I didn’t cross some line in my ignorance.  
“Why are you doing that?” I asked.  He said he liked listening to me get excited, liked to touch me.  He put his fingers inside my slacks, trailed them down the side of my panties, then pushed the crotch aside and started flicking my clit!  My hips popped up and I started talking to him.  
I told him how good he was making me feel, how much I love it when he finger fucks me, how much I want more, how hot I am, he makes me burn… oh yeah.. just like that.  I freed my right breast from my bra, rubbing my nipple.  He nosed my hand out of the way and sucked my nipple.  I asked him to bite it… twist it… he complied and I lost my mind, whimpering and shaking.  I came so hard!  

I told him I wanted to scream for him, but I’d better not with Hubby in the living room.  He said he understood, that he could tell what was going on.  I asked him if my body tells him and he said yes – my clit gets hard and I get very wet and I shake… he doesn’t talk much during sex so this was a real treat! 
He didn’t stop when I came… just kept flicking and pulling and sticking his finger inside and then up again.  It felt like it was going to be too much, but I rode it and it felt incredible!  I thought of very raunchy videos I’ve watched… I thought about describing them to him but my brain was beyond speech at that point.  None of them are things I want to do but thinking about them takes me over the edge!  
My phone rang at 2 am – it was Hubby calling from the other room!  He asked if he could go to bed soon.  I told him I needed 15 minutes.  
I undid Kris’ belt, undid his jeans and took his cock out of his underwear.  I thought he might stop me, but he didn’t!  I played with it with my hand until it got erect, which didn’t take long.  Then I licked it from bottom to top and cupped his balls with my other hand. He moaned and popped his hips… rubbed his hand in my hair.  I asked what he would like, as we had so little time. He said everything I do is wonderful, to just keep going. 

I slurped him down in one gulp and he gasped and started pumping his hips, fucking my mouth.  Oh man, I adore that.  I moaned to let him know how much that turns me on.  I flicked my tongue around the crown and into the hole, then sucked really loudly and bobbed up my head.  He started his patter… OH… Sassy… oh man… yes yes… and moved his hips pulling him in and out of my mouth.  He pressed my head and stayed in and gushed cum down my throat!  Yay!  I swallowed twice and he pulled out a little so it got all over my cheek and his tummy.  I played with it.  I asked him if he wanted a taste and he was like “Ewww!  No… gross!”  I told him it was natural and a lot of men taste their own.  He insisted it was not his thing.  I said it tastes good, like salted caramel.  He shook his head.  He pulled me up beside him to cuddle.

I asked him to cancel his dates with the women.  He asked why and I said that I want that time and energy, and I feel bad for them.  He said he would think about it.  We looked at the clock.  It was 2:30 am!  He got up and pulled his clothes together and went out to sleep on the couch.  I checked to be sure he had what he needed and turned in myself. 

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