Outside highlights

Sunday, August 3, 2014
Good morning!  Gray cloudy morning, going back to bed.  Hope you have a fine Sunday!

7:51am Philip

Don’t be rocking any head stones today!


Gave the ghosts a thrill!  And me too!
8:01am Philip
Me too.

8:08am Philip

I like that DP thing and the thought of you sucking a cock in the open and swallowing a big load. You are a naughty girl. I always wanted to do it on the balcony. Have actually a time or two at the beach and Memphis. Had a guy watch in Memphis. The Beach Gal was cumming over and over and she was loud as hell and dude just stood there rubbing his pants and enjoying the show. I went and stood where he was, he could hear and see everything. I still think the beach was best, up on a dune, people walking in the surf, sound of the waves, sound of bodies together and moans,

Hey!  They found another painting of Mona Lisa from 10 years earlier.



There are three moments that are sticking with me…

1) him seated on the bench in the grove of 100 ft tall spruce, with me leaning over him, his shirt undone to feel my tits against his chest, right hand twisting and pulling my left nipple while his left index finger flicked my clit… the heat pouring through me as both of us talking about very dirty fantasies of being watched or something coming along to join in!

2) Him seated on the bench with me bent over in front of him, his fingers in my cunt and ass, his other hand reaching around to tweak my breast and

3) me sitting on the bench, him looking around nervously with his naked ass and cock open to the summer breeze, me bobbing up and down on his cock!

12:16pm Philip



Oof… feel like such a hussy!
I can’t believe I did all that outside!
In the cemetery!

3:01pm Philip

I did it in the Catholic Church parking lot a couple times


I think of myself as quite shy, both because I am not so confident in how I look and because I’ve heard a lot of stories of people getting caught.  But when he was touching me, talking… it wasn’t that I “let him” it was that I WANTED IT!

3:18pm Philip



I want you to see that side me, coax her out… enjoy it.

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