Meeting #2 with The Blog Fan

Saturday, August 2, 2014

[If you want to read about our first meeting last December, click on the “Blog Fan” label at the lower right to see all my previous posts about him]

11:52 am
He emailed me – he was finally free and ready to meet! I agreed to pick him up at his hotel. I threw on clothes – blue pants, blue button-up top with silk scarf, black clogs and socks and bra and blue panties.

12:15 pm
I picked him up in front of his hotel downtown. He asked if I could take him to the airport when we were finished – I said yes – so he went back in to get his suitcase. He had on a straw fedora, a rust-colored brushed denim button down shirt, a brown belt, black jeans and hiking shoes.

I pulled over on a side street. We necked for a bit – the moment he touched me I remembered – this man makes me feel so good! He is a pro. Every touch, every kiss, I think, ‘YES! That’s the way to do it!”

He mentioned taking me to lunch but said he really wanted to be alone with me. He thought we could find a hotel in the burbs for less. I tried to find a hotel online on my phone. There must be something going on – no rooms anywhere! I made calls – still nothing. He asked me to take him to a quiet park so we could neck. I started out but got caught in traffic, so we decided to drive to the airport, pop in to see if the hotels out there had a room. Nope. I so wish he had let me plan ahead!  I thought and thought… finally came up with Mount Auburn Cemetery, a famous burial ground and arboretum in Cambridge. I figured it would be a quiet spot on a rainy afternoon.

We parked near the Spruce Knoll and necked in the car. He played with my chest, made me cum twice with his fingers! He has THE BEST technique! I played with my breast while he had his fingers inside me and he watched in awe. He talked about our night together in December. He kept a look out. A few cars drove around us, a few people walked by outside the fence. I talked about what I’d like to do today, thinking it was not possible. I sucked on him briefly but the way I had to contort around in the car made it impossible for very long. It started to drizzle and got very quiet. He said we should go for a walk.

We strolled up into the trees and sat on a wooden bench. We got really brave and adventurous (or stupid!) We kissed a bit more. He got me to take off my bra – he likes the idea of women going braless even if in my case it is totally bizarre! He played with my breasts. He had me stand over him so he could suck on them. Then he asked me to stand and got behind me, asked if he could take down my pants. He fingered me, both in my vagina and my ass! Double penetration! Whee! I was so wet! I thought he might fuck me, but he deemed it too risky. Probably right…

I asked him if he’d like me to suck on him. He went for a little walk around the perimeter, looking for people or lines of sight. Then he returned and stood in front of me, unbuckled his belt and pulled out his gorgeous cock! I gave him a very sassy blow job! He didn’t let me finish, said he wanted to play with me more. He had me stand over him and I unbuttoned his shirt so I could rub my chest across his. He played with my chest and fingered me to another soaring orgasm! Whee! I felt such tingling and the searing heat between my legs then started shaking all over.

We rested a bit and cuddled on the bench, talked about what would happen if he moved to Boston to work.  He said he’d have to make love to me every night… I mentioned some mornings might have to spent that way as well! But that knowing him, he’d make time to see me every other Thursday! He smiled. We both know he works too much! But what a hot fantasy!

He took another walk around, then returned and let me suck on him until he came! Yum. We sat and cuddled on the bench, as I marveled at all we had been able to do outside!

3:45 pm
We returned to the car. I drove him around the cemetery a bit, showing him my favorite spots.

4:00 pm
I drove him to the airport – he was amazed at my taking care of that for him. He talked about how he spent a week in Boston years ago. I told him he should have called me. Hee. He said I wasn’t Sassy then! I wish I had been… it had already been too long without sex even at that point!

4:20 pm
I took him to the terminal, got out for one last hug. He seemed in a hurry, perhaps leery of being seen in public. He smiled and walked away.

I drove home with a huge smile on my face!  I was surprised at myself for being so bold outside!  I thanked my lucky stars once again for this blog and the ways it makes me life more interesting!

from: Blog Fan
to: Sassy
sent: 4:52 pm

subject: re: Meeting…

Many thanks for a lovely afternoon!  You inspired me to do some very sexy stuff! 

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